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Apr 3, 2018

Two weeks ago I ran a quick little survey to learn about marketing communications content writing struggles at your nonprofit organization. Thank you to the small but insightful group who completed the survey.

I’m following up to share some of the results and to offer links to articles from the archives that answer your top questions and challenges.

First, a glimpse of the survey results

Roles >> I expected the majority of respondents to be “communications managers,” but moflow subscribers are a diverse group. The last three roles you can’t see displayed are volunteer coordinator, content strategist and assistant director.

Writers >> Not a huge surprise here: most survey respondents are writing all of their nonprofit’s marketing communications content either on their own or with colleagues.

Struggles >> I didn’t know what to expect regarding responses to this question and perhaps that’s reflected in the diversity of responses. No one type of content emerged as universally challenging to create – which is good to know!


Making it easier: helpful articles

In question four, I asked you to share a little more about how content creation is a struggle for you. Looking at the responses to questions three and four, some good news: between this blog and the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog, we have many of your content struggles covered. So, to highlight the most relevant posts from the archives, I’ve pulled together this list.

From guest authors on the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog

From me, right here on this blog

Of course, you’ve also given me a list of great topic ideas for future articles on both blogs – thank you!

Free consultations

Finally, I offered up a free 30-minute consultation to four survey respondents. I’ve now followed up with the four communicators I selected based on my ability to help. I’m looking forward to chatting with you four!

If you haven’t heard from me, it could be because I don’t have the particular expertise you’re seeking (e.g. nitty-gritty media relations tactics), I didn’t get ALL of the information I requested (full survey completion + email address + LinkedIn profile) or you are working solo or in an agency and not within a nonprofit organization. But I sincerely thank you for your interest!

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