Communications Audit Service

for nonprofit organizations 

Do you need to review and reset your nonprofit organization’s communications? Are you worried about wasting limited communications resources on the status quo – without knowing if your tactics are worthwhile? Are you struggling with:

  • A lack of connection between your channels and tactics, and your organization’s overall strategic plan or goals?
  • Feelings of uncertainty or ineffectiveness?
  • Confusion about what’s worth doing, and why?

It might be time for you to conduct a communications audit.

A communications audit will help ensure that you’re using your limited communications resources strategically and efficiently. An audit will help you clarify where you’re spending your time and effort, which activities are working, and what needs to change.

Communications audit service for nonprofit organizations

I’ve developed a communications audit package specifically for nonprofit leaders – senior communicators or executive directors – who need to review and evaluate your organization’s communications approach.

Here’s how my communications audit process works.

I’ll work with you through a combination of consultations, strategy and plan review, information and sample gathering, stakeholder interviews, and group discussion. I’ll use this information to:

  1. Understand your current communications landscape.
  2. Catalogue and assess your recent communications.
  3. Gather insights about your processes and tactics.
  4. Analyze your communications strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT analysis).
  5. Provide practical recommendations, and a basic implementation plan to help you optimize your communications budget and leverage your team’s skills and strengths.

You’ll emerge from the process knowing which activities you should continue, and what changes will help you to make the best possible use of limited communications resources in the future.

How my approach is different: focus on content and messaging

First and foremost, I’m a content specialist, so this is not just an evaluation of your brand’s visual identity. I take a messaging- and content-first approach to audits; we’ll pay particular attention to the strategic alignment of your communications, messaging, and content development approach.

While I will review your channels and tactics, I will also look at your organization’s communications function – even if you have no dedicated communications staff. By including consultation with internal communicators and content creators I’ll develop a realistic understanding of your people, processes, tools, and channels.

Are you wondering if this package is right for you?

This package is for you if you’re ready to take a step back for a big-picture review of your communications. You might be going through a shift, such as rolling out a new strategic plan, preparing to build a communications team or receive funding for communications. Perhaps you are an executive director, considering your first marketing communications hire – or you’re a marcom pro who has taken on a new communications portfolio or a role at a new organization. And of course, if you haven’t completed a communications audit within the last couple of years, it’s time.

“Our small non-profit had limited resources, misaligned expertise, and limited confidence and capacity to communicate clearly and effectively.

Marlene aligned new, realistic communications goals with the existing critical organizational strategic goals. She identified the gaps and opportunities, guiding the team through the development of rigorous new streamlined practices that leverage our limited resources towards stronger, mission-driven communications.”

Alan Cherwinski

Executive Director, AlphaPlus

“Beyond a comprehensive map of our existing communications materials, Marlene’s audit provided valuable insights and big-picture guidelines to help build a stronger communications foundation for our team as a whole.

I always appreciate her approach to stakeholder consultations, which leave our whole team feeling heard and help build consensus around our next steps. Her detailed final report gave us a clear roadmap for stronger communications processes, messaging, and tactics.”

Nicole Meredith

Director, Fundraising Communications (GM), YMCA of Greater Toronto

Package price starts at $9,500

The base cost for your communications audit includes all of the steps outlined above. We can customize and expand this package based on your needs, adding more review, stakeholder consultation, or other deliverables, such as messaging development or copywriting.

Are you ready to sharpen your organization’s communications with my help?

Let’s begin with a free consultation. I’ll answer your questions about my approach, and we’ll discuss your needs, timelines and pressing communications concerns. From there, I’ll provide you with a proposal and quote to help you decide whether working with me makes sense for you.

Let’s get started

Would you like my help with your communications audit?

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