Storytelling strategy for nonprofit organizations

Do you need a framework to guide your nonprofit’s storytelling? Would you like to move from ad-hoc story development and publication to a strategic and deliberate approach?

It’s time to get a storytelling strategy in place if any of the following sound familiar:

  • You’re worried about or frustrated by resources wasted on storytelling without a clear purpose.
  • You are tired of dealing with “story emergencies.”
  • Your scattered approach has you feeling uncertain or overwhelmed.
  • Your colleagues have taken storytelling into their own hands.

Storytelling strategy service: developing your nonprofit’s story framework

I help busy nonprofit communicators to deliver storytelling with a purpose. Here’s how my story strategy service works:

Phase 1: Discovery and analysis

First, I’ll work with you to explore your storytelling priorities, audiences, approaches, assets, production/publication capacity, and needs (across business units). During this stage, we will focus on understanding your story audiences, strategic priorities, and current context and establishing your storytelling goals.

Phase 2: Strategy development

In the second phase, I’ll continue the review and analysis, building on the insights generated during phase one. I’ll develop your storytelling strategy, outlining key recommendations and decisions about the following:

  • Story goals and objectives
  • Story audiences
  • Key messages and themes
  • Story types
  • Production and publication

Your story strategy will be a framework that will help you to:

  • Know which stories to tell and why
  • Ensure that you are delivering your nonprofit’s narrative over time
  • Allocate story development and publication resources (such as time and budget) strategically and efficiently
  • Meet the varied story needs of your team and colleagues

With a storytelling strategy in place, you’ll feel organized, confident, and clear about your nonprofit’s story priorities. You’ll have a plan for the mix and scope of your storytelling—the stories you will and won’t tell.

“After working with Marlene many times over the years, I turned to her for help developing our new storytelling strategy. Her experience working with nonprofits is invaluable as she clearly understands the relationships and internal dynamics. She provided a practical framework for storytelling that leverages current resources while pushing us to improve our approach and expand in new ways.”
Sherry Calder

Executive Director, Communications & PR, Diabetes Canada

Why work with me?

I’ve been helping nonprofit organizations to tell their stories since 2001 – as a writer, trainer and advisor. I understand the complexity of nonprofit storytelling and can help you prioritize and make decisions to allocate storytelling resources wisely. I care about storytelling done right and will develop and offer practical recommendations that align with your organization’s priorities and leverage your team’s existing work, insights, and assets.

Package price starts at $8,800
*Your details and needs will affect package prices.

A storytelling strategy will cost between $8,800 and $10,000, based on the complexity of your organization, the existing storytelling program, and the level of research and internal consultation required. If you need help implementing the strategy, we can enhance this package by adding detailed story planning support and writing.

Let’s talk about developing your nonprofit’s story framework together

If you would like to talk about creating your nonprofit’s storytelling strategy with my guidance, here are our next steps:

  1. Set up a consultation: Let’s schedule a time to meet.
  2. Explore your needs: We’ll have a conversation so I can learn more about your needs, and you can learn more about my approach.
  3. Develop your plan — and your stories! If we agree to work together, I’ll walk you through the steps and work plan for strategy development.

Let’s get started

Would you like my help with story strategy?

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