Do you need a framework for shaping your nonprofit organization’s marketing communications content? Do any of the following challenges sound familiar?

    • Uncertainty about what to say in different channels and tactics
    • Competing or disconnected messages are being conveyed by various team members and departments
    • Stakeholders and potential stakeholders don’t understand your organization and what you do

A brand messaging platform can solve these problems and be the framework you and your team rely upon to make consistent, strategically aligned communications and content decisions.


Branding through messaging package

Here’s how my branding through messaging package works:

Phase 1: Discovery

The discovery phase will include briefing and exploration calls, stakeholder interviews, facilitated group sessions, and reviewing existing strategies, reports, and research. Together, we’ll create a detailed picture of your current context, including your:

    • Strategic priorities
    • Audiences
    • Existing brand and messaging strengths

Phase 2: Creative/Platform development

The platform development phase will be consultative, with many checkpoints and opportunities for message refinement along the way. I will synthesize the information gleaned during the discovery phase to develop your brand messaging platform, which includes the following elements:

    • Audience insights
    • Brand positioning
    • Brand personality
    • Key messages
    • Boilerplate copy

I’ll consolidate all of these elements, along with guidelines for brand messaging use and implementation, into your new brand messaging guide.

With a brand messaging platform in place, your nonprofit organization will be equipped for better, more cohesive content and message development and storytelling. You will feel organized with streamlined creative decisions, processes and choices. And most importantly, you’ll deliver more compelling, strategically aligned communications and messaging.

“We worked with moflow to refine our brand personality and messaging and love the outcome! Marlene sought feedback from our Board and staff team and was able to capture and refine the ways we talk about who we are and what we do.

We particularly appreciated Marlene’s background in not-for-profits and expertise in messaging. It has already made a difference in how we promote our social enterprise and we’re also looking forward to the change it will make over time.”

Shelley Robinson

Executive Director, National Capital FreeNet

“I worked with Marlene to create a brand messaging platform for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. She worked seamlessly with different teams to tap into our own expertise about who are, and the work we do, then used it to craft a unified set of messages, language, and priority audiences.

The end result is an extremely valuable document that will be a key tool in our communications work. Marlene brings a lot of valuable experience to her consulting, is organized and structured in her approach, and a gem to collaborate with.”

Jennifer Fowler

Director of Communications, Stephen Lewis Foundation

Why work with me?

I’ve been helping nonprofit organizations with their messaging since 2008. My understanding of the nuances of doing this work for a nonprofit informs my approach. I value the knowledge and experience that you bring to the table as a nonprofit communicator or leader, and I will:

    • Work with and leverage the assets you already have.
    • Collaborate and consult with you.
    • Make realistic plans and recommendations.

Along with my experience, expertise and process refined over years of doing this work, I understand your position! Before consulting, I managed marketing communications for a large health charity and experienced the challenges of navigating internal, inconsistent messaging approaches. I also understand the uncertainty, inefficiency and decision fatigue that comes from constantly creating from scratch.

I’ve personally experienced the relief and excitement of having a framework and structure to implement, and I want that for you!

Who is this service for?

If content and message creation make you feel frustrated, uncertain, or overwhelmed, this package is for you. With a brand messaging platform in place, you’ll be a more confident, strategic communicator positioned to play a role in growing and evolving the organization.

Package price range $11,000-$16,000

A brand messaging platform will cost between $11,000 and $16,000 (based on the level of research and internal consultation required), the base price including all the elements listed above. You can add tagline development, marketing, press kit or web copywriting, brand implementation workshops, and more.

Let’s talk about creating your nonprofit’s brand messaging platform together

If you’d like to talk more about building your organization’s new brand messaging platform together, here are our next steps:

    1. Set up a consultation: Let’s schedule a time to talk.
    2. Explore your needs: We’ll have a conversation so I can learn more about your needs, and you can learn more about my approach.
    3. Develop your platform: If we agree to work together, I’ll walk you through the steps and work plan for developing your brand messaging framework.

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