Hiring a freelance copywriter? Ask for a project fee

Ask for a project fee when outsourcing to a freelance copywriter: 3 benefits

Are you planning to outsource work to an external copywriter? When you’re researching rates as part of your selection process, I suggest you forget hourly or per-word pricing and ask for a project fee.

I always provide project fee-based packages and quotes to my potential clients. In part, this is because project fees benefit me as a consultant. However, as a nonprofit communicator working with outside writers, project fees will benefit you as well.

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Website copy easy win: quickly improve your nonprofit’s Contact Us page content

How to quickly update your nonprofit’s Contact Us page content

If you know you need to update your website content and you’re looking for an easy win, let’s start with your Contact Us page content. Writing and improving your organization’s Contact Us page content is pretty straightforward, so it’s something you can complete quickly today. And in this post, I’ll guide you through the update by walking you through a few easy steps.

Note: this post is for those organizations that publish some version of a list of contact information. If […]

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Roundup for nonprofit communicators: my help with managing your blog

My help with managing your blog: roundup for nonprofit communicators

Earlier this summer, I shared a roundup of posts from this blog about how to tackle various nonprofit copywriting projects.

Based on the response, it seems that you really liked having an archive of past articles pulled together for you like this. So I decided to create a new roundup for you, this time on the topic of managing your nonprofit’s blog. Once again, the article range from earlier this summer to a few years old, but if you need help with your role as “blog managing editor”, the advice still stands.

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What to choose and include: keyword optimization basics for non-techies


Because I write website content for clients, I occasionally come across some interesting SEO (search engine optimization)  – and specifically, keyword optimization – requests.

I don’t position myself as an SEO copywriter, but I write digital content for clients and run a multi-author blog. So I take it upon myself to understand some on-page SEO/keyword optimization basics. And I know just enough to realize just how little I know, so I stick to the most important elements and focus on creating […]

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Roundup: my help with a dozen nonprofit copywriting projects

Roundup: posts to help you with 12 different nonprofit copywriting projects

Are you thinking about updating a few bits and pieces of your nonprofit’s copy this summer? Planning to get a head start on some larger copywriting projects? Or will you be assigning some of this work to someone else?

To make your summer writing assignments a little easier, I’ve pulled together a quick roundup of my past posts, designed to help you with specific writing tasks.

The most recent post in this list (case studies) was published just over a month ago. […]

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How to assign a writing task: stories and other editorial content

How to assign a writing task: stories and other editorial content

Do you have someone lined up to help you write stories for your nonprofit organization? Great! Do you know how to assign a writing task properly? Let’s get you ready to brief your writer so you can get the best stories, as efficiently as possible.

Whether your writer is a member of your team, another employee, a volunteer or a freelance copywriter like me, you need to provide clear and detailed direction. Even the most experienced writers cannot create the stories you need […]

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Workshop series announcement: Start a profitable nonprofit consulting business

Do you dream of self-employment?

Do you know someone who wants to make a living consulting to nonprofit organizations?

I’ve been self-employed for nine years. When I left my in-house role as a communications manager, it was because I wanted a BIG change. I knew that I didn’t want to move to a similar role at a different organization. And I knew that I wanted to test my entrepreneurial chops.

When I launched my business in 2008, I didn’t […]

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Case study interview questions for nonprofit organizations

Case study interview questions for nonprofit organizations

Do you write case studies for your nonprofit organization? Then you need a strong list of case study interview questions.

In my experience, an important step in writing a compelling case study is to conduct an interview. To help you conduct these interviews, I’m sharing my case study interview questions. You will need to customize and add to these questions based on the person and program you are featuring. But use them as a head start!

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How to find writers for your blog

Finding writers for your blog: my tips and examples

Last month I was featured as the special guest for a Content Marketing Institute #CMWorld chat – a huge honour for me. I was invited to share my tips on how to find blog writers and contributors, based on my experience running the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog over the last four years.

#CMWorld chat is not specifically for nonprofit bloggers, but many of my suggestions would work for you. So in this post, I recap a few of the chat questions and share […]

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Planning a new website? Get content strategy development on your calendar.

A few weeks ago, I shared six elements to include in your nonprofit’s website content strategy with insights from web developer, Mike Mella. Then in a case study, I showed you how one nonprofit communicator, Markus Stadelmann-Elder, benefitted from kicking off his organization’s website development with content strategy.

Developing a new website can take months. If you want to launch a website this year, you need to book content strategy development time on your calendar now.

Scheduling your website content strategy development: how […]

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