Story writing service for nonprofit organizations

Do you struggle to keep your organization’s stories flowing?

Storytelling doesn’t have to be complicated. But to do storytelling well, you need to figure out which stories to tell and why, document a plan, and have the capacity (time, writing and interviewing skills) to stay on top of it.

I provide this story writing service for nonprofit communicators like you, who need external support. I’ll work with you to plan out your stories, then I’ll write them throughout the year, at the frequency you need.

Story writing service for nonprofit organizations

Here’s how it works:

Setup: Story mini-strategy and implementation plan

First, I’ll work with you to create a simple storytelling mini-strategy that builds upon and complements the tactics that you already need to deliver. We’ll kick things off by clarifying which stories you’ll be telling, why you’ll be telling them, and how you’ll use them to boost the effectiveness of your communications. This includes:

  • Two consultation/briefing calls to explore potential story ideas and their alignment with your communications priorities and key messages
  • Story mini-strategy development and refinement
  • Implementation plan and tools: templates for story outreach and tracking

Ongoing: Story writing and project management

Once we have a plan in place, you can turn your ongoing story writing over to me. You can think of me as your external story studio, taking care of writing and project management. I’ll develop a series of coordinated profiles and case studies that deliver your nonprofit’s key messages. This includes:

  • Ongoing story development at a frequency that works best for you (e.g., quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly)
    • Subject interviews to unearth the nuances and compelling features of each story.
    • Development of the creative approach and outline for each story
    • Story writing
    • Coordination and completion or reviews/revisions to ensure the right story for your organization and your story subjects
  • Quarterly check-in calls to touch base with you about story development and project management
  • Project accountability via a story tracker

I’ve been helping nonprofit organizations to tell their stories since 2001. You can feel comfortable connecting me directly with your valued community members and supporters; I have honed my interview skills over many years and understand my role in protecting and furthering these valued relationships. I know how to connect storytelling to your strategic priorities, and how to unearth the right angles for each story you tell.

“The process is seamless, and Marlene has the utmost concern for quality, character and business acumen that translates into stunning stories. I have found her thoughtfulness and genuine care about the subjects translate into compelling and meaningful stories that will engage our audience; helping our organization profile great people for great causes.”

Sarah McPherson

Director, Communications & Development, The Oakville Community Foundation

“Working with Marlene as an external writer allowed us to have the time and energy to focus on other aspects of our work. Working with a small team, it’s crucial to have professionals like Marlene, that you can count on to jump in and help. She is talented, professional, efficient – and fun! She is a pleasure to work with and she makes the process a breeze.”

Lindsey Vodarek

Manager, Strategic Communications, Imagine Canada

Package price starts at $8,500

The base cost for one year of storytelling support includes your story mini-strategy plus the development of four stories (one per quarter). We can expand and customize this package to include monthly or bi-monthly story development, and additional elements, such as social media or email newsletter content.

Let’s talk about simplifying your storytelling

If you’d like to get your organization’s stories flowing together, let’s begin with a free consultation. I’ll answer your questions about my approach and we’ll discuss your needs, timelines and initial story ideas. From there, I’ll be able to provide you with a proposal and quote so that you can consider whether bringing in external story writing help makes sense for you.

Let’s get started

Would you like my help with story writing?

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