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Website (microsite) content strategy

Ontario Nonprofit Network

If you’re going to invest in building a website, are you willing to invest in a plan for what that site will communicate and the content it will contain? This case study explores how I worked with the Ontario Nonprofit Network to create a content strategy for their Decent Work for Women microsite.

Story writing

Imagine Canada

Rather than “another thing to do”, story writing can and should boost the impact of your existing communications tactics. This case study showcases my work with Imagine Canada, using stories to bring the work described in their annual report to life. 

Communications audit


How do you go about optimizing your nonprofit’s extremely limited communications resources? You need to start by understanding your current picture. This case study explores the communications audit I conducted for AlphaPlus and the recommendations I made to reduce frustration and create alignment.

Story writing

TechSoup Canada

What does it take to get the greatest possible value when you’re outsourcing content creation? It’s about being organized, knowing what you need your content to achieve and setting up a few simple conditions for success. This case study describes how I worked with TechSoup Canada to set up and implement a story writing system.

Website content strategy


Content should be considered at the beginning of every new website development project. This case study, reveals how Markus Stadelmann-Elder at Maytree worked with me to start with content strategy – and how Markus benefitted from the process.

Story writing

Oakville Community Foundation

Sometimes my clients have everything they need – strategy, story leads, a plan for using the stories – with just one piece missing: the internal resources to interview subjects and get their stories written. This case study is a behind-the-scenes look at my work with the Oakville Community Foundation, including insights into the benefits and challenges of telling stories about an organization’s financial supporters.

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