Here are some of the nice things my clients have said about working with me.

“We worked with moflow to refine our brand personality and messaging and love the outcome! Marlene sought feedback from our Board and staff team and was able to capture and refine the ways we talk about who we are and what we do.

We particularly appreciated Marlene’s background in not-for-profits and expertise in messaging. It has already made a difference in how we promote our social enterprise and we’re also looking forward to the change it will make over time.”

Shelley Robinson

Executive Director, National Capital FreeNet

“Marlene has exceeded my (very high!) expectations from day one. She took what seemed like overwhelming content creation projects and built wonderfully organized, manageable strategies to tackle them.”

Nicole Meredith

Senior Advisor, External Communications, YMCA of Greater Toronto

“The experience of working with Marlene to clarify and plan our website content has been invaluable in ensuring we meet our digital customers’ needs with our new site.

The process helped us to build a solid navigation/site structure, validated through UA testing, that shows the importance of putting the content strategy first.”

Sandy Heubner

Digital/Direct Marketing Manager, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

“I worked with Marlene to create a brand messaging platform for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. She worked seamlessly with different teams to tap into our own expertise about who are, and the work we do, then used it to craft a unified set of messages, language, and priority audiences.

The end result is an extremely valuable document that will be a key tool in our communications work. Marlene brings a lot of valuable experience to her consulting, is organized and structured in her approach, and a gem to collaborate with.”

Jennifer Fowler

Director of Communications, Stephen Lewis Foundation

“Marlene goes out of her way to ensure project needs are met. Her approach of starting with a messaging strategy helped us tremendously and after going through this experience with Marlene, I think it is the most important part of planning a website.”

Pamela Uppal

Director of Policy, Ontario Nonprofit Network

“A gem! That’s the easiest way to describe working with Marlene. The process is seamless, and she has utmost concern for quality, character and business acumen, that translates into stunning stories.

I have found her thoughtfulness and genuine care about the subjects translate into compelling and meaningful stories that will engage our audience; helping our organization profile great people for great causes.”

Sarah McPherson

Director, Communications & Development, Oakville Community Foundation

“Marlene truly understands what it’s like to work in the nonprofit space. The thoughtfulness of her approach and the quality of resources she puts out are always absolutely on point.

For this reason, when my in-house team at Cultural Vistas was in a bind and needed copywriting support, Marlene was the first person we reached out to. Unsurprisingly, our team could not be any happier with the decision to work together.”

Anthony Naglieri

Senior Director of External Affairs, Cultural Vistas

“Our small non-profit had limited resources, misaligned expertise, and limited confidence and capacity to communicate clearly and effectively.

Marlene aligned new, realistic communications goals with the existing critical organizational strategic goals. She identified the gaps and opportunities, guiding the team through the development of rigorous new streamlined practices that leverage our limited resources towards stronger, mission-driven communications.”

Alan Cherwinski

Executive Director, AlphaPlus

“Marlene developed fabulous copy for a suite of promotional materials for an important campaign.

The copy was creative, strategically aligned with what we want to achieve and informed our approach to design. And the process of working with Marlene infused a renewed interest in the subject internally!”

Sherry Calder

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, Canadian Diabetes Association

“Marlene is the quintessential professional. During our website strategy development, she anticipated questions I did not even know I had and was poised with answers that made both the process and product seamless.

Her process helped us clarify the intent and audiences for the website and I particularly appreciated her preparedness during the discovery phase of the project. She also uncovered alignment across the teams in our organization, which helped us move forward efficiently.”

Simone Dalton

Director, Communications, Toronto Foundation

“Marlene’s approach and philosophy around storytelling have elevated the way we tell the stories of our members in-house.

She asks the right questions up front, which helps ensure that she can unearth the most compelling information in her interviews. She is easy to work with, accessible, and professional.”

Ben Losman

Former Communications Manager, TechSoup Canada

“Marlene’s process for planning website content has helped us really drill into the essence of our brand. She made us do the hard work of thinking deeply about who we are and who we serve.

Working with her to strategize before writing has made us better able to tell our story and generally speak more intelligently about what we do in our community.”

Michael Salem

Senior Manager, Communications and Creative Services, Oakville Community Foundation

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