Is your nonprofit organization’s website outdated, failing to attract and keep visitors, and simply not fulfilling its role as your digital home base? If it’s time to update your website, are any of the following obstacles stopping you?

  • You feel daunted by the task of identifying what content you’ll keep, update, remove, or produce.
  • You’re unsure how you’ll navigate the competing (and sometimes conflicting) priorities and preferences of internal stakeholders.
  • You don’t know where to start!

Your solution to these challenges is to start with a website content strategy. 

Website content strategy package

Here’s how my website content strategy package works:

Phase 1: Discovery

The discovery phase will allow us to develop an understanding of how your website can help your organization achieve its priorities and goals, as well as meet the needs of your audiences. I use a consultative approach to help to create consensus and alignment, engaging important stakeholders appropriately and at the correct stage.

Phase 2: Strategy development

Using the insights generated during the discovery phase, I’ll recommend opportunities and ways content can help you meet your goals. I’ll develop your website content strategy, capturing key decisions about your new site in the following areas:

  • Purpose and objectives
  • Audiences
  • Messages, voice and tone
  • Content categories and topics
  • Production

My process will help you avoid common mistakes such as:

  • Design and development decisions based on subjective opinions rather than strategic decisions.
  • A project that slows down or stalls because content was treated as an afterthought.
  • A new website that still leaves visitors confused, disoriented, and unengaged.

With a content strategy in place, you’ll have clarity and a path forward for working with a web developer. With a site built on strategy and content, you will communicate your organization’s brand, meet your visitors’ needs, and create meaningful engagement opportunities. Your nonprofit’s communications will have a digital home base you can be proud of.

“The process of working with Marlene to develop a website content strategy is incredibly valuable and will save you so much time in the long run. You will have a much better understanding of what you’re trying to do – and have a much better sense of whether your website is actually meeting your requirements.”

Markus Stadelmann-Elder

Director of Communications, Maytree

Why work with me?

I understand how daunting and complex a website project can be, from the vast number of content decisions to balancing and addressing internal expectations. Having worked with nonprofit organizations to solve content challenges since 2008, I’ve helped many clients achieve clarity, confidence, and a framework for making website design and development decisions.

Who is this service for?

I designed this package for nonprofit leaders and communicators who:

  • Know you can create a better website with some help.
  • Want a plan you can use to guide your website decisions.
  • Would like to go from feeling embarrassed by your current website, daunted, or confused to feeling excited, confident, and motivated to get started.
Package price range $8,500 – $10,500*

*Your details and needs will affect package prices.

A website content strategy will cost between $8,500 and $10,500, based on the complexity of your organization or website, as well as the level of research and internal consultation required. If you need help with implementing the strategy, we can enhance this package to add detailed content planning support, copywriting and more.

Let’s talk about planning your nonprofit’s website together

If you would like to talk about developing your nonprofit’s website content strategy together, here are our next steps:

  1. Set up a consultation: Let’s schedule a time to talk.
  2. Explore your needs: We’ll have a conversation so I can learn more about your needs, and you can learn more about my approach.
  3. Develop your strategy: If we agree to work together, I’ll walk you through the steps and work plan for developing your website content strategy.

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