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Get your nonprofit’s marketing communications fundamentals in order

No matter how brilliant or innovative your tactics, weak content will harm your nonprofit organization’s brand awareness and engagement. Scattered or disconnected messages confuse your stakeholders, and without solid content backed by strategy, you’ll risk wasting time on ineffective communications. In your day-to-day work, shaky content foundations leave you feeling unsupported as you try to keep up with competing priorities, pressures and expectations.

Save time, feel organized, complete your projects.

By investing in content, you’ll develop strong foundations for your communications – which will result in:
• More consistent, compelling messages deliver via well-structured copy.
• A framework to guide your content creation – now and for future projects.
• Improved efficiency with time freed to work on other, pressing projects.
• Delivery of strategically sound communications tactics aligned with your organization’s priorities.

Success Stories

“Over the last five years, Marlene has delivered exceptional communications strategies, tools, and recommendations through a variety of projects. I always appreciate her approach to stakeholder consultations, which leave our whole team feeling heard and help build consensus around our next steps.”

Nicole Meredith

Director, Fundraising Communications (GM), YMCA of Greater Toronto

“When working with Marlene (and we’ve been working together for more than a decade), I’ve always felt that she really cared for and understood our work. It’s never been just about the project. Our communications results are so much better for that.”

Markus Stadelmann-Elder

Director of Communications, Maytree

“Marlene goes out of her way to ensure project needs are met. Her approach of starting with a messaging strategy helped us tremendously and after going through this experience with Marlene, I think it is the most important part of planning a website.”

Pamela Uppal

Director of Policy, Ontario Nonprofit Network

Marlene Oliveira, Communications advisor and copywriter

I understand the demands, high expectations, and complexities of communicating for a nonprofit. I’ve worked in nonprofit communications for 20 years, starting in-house and since 2008, supporting dozens of nonprofit organizations as a consultant.

When you work with me, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being supported by a senior, experienced professional – and you’ll feel organized with me by your side as a guide and project manager.

Start with a consultation

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Set up a call with me to discuss your needs and my approach.


Together, we’ll make a specific plan to help you accomplish your goals.


I’ll get to work developing the strategy, copy – or both – that you need.

Content strategy and copywriting services for nonprofit organizations

I help nonprofit communicators and leaders to create content that strengthens their communications fundamentals in three main areas: branding, website content, and storytelling. I deliver projects across a range of sizes, from standalone copywriting projects to more significant strategy development and implementation.

Learn more about moflow services, including my pricing and approach.


Building, clarifying, or refreshing your messaging

Website content

Shaping strategically aligned, effective website content


Crafting your organization’s stories

Do you need to get your communications fundamentals in order?

You want to be a relevant, confident and effective communicator – which requires strong content foundations for your marketing communications. The problem is, competing expectations, pressures, and priorities can pull you in a million directions, with no time to focus on strategic content development.

I understand the complexities of communicating for a nonprofit, and I believe that nonprofit organizations deserve to speak with strong voices. That’s why since 2008 (after eight years of doing this work as an internal nonprofit marcom leader), I’ve focussed on helping dozens of organizations like yours to get their communications fundamentals in order.

Work with me to strengthen your communications foundations. Here’s how:

  1. You and I will start with a conversation about your needs.
  2. I’ll develop a plan to help you accomplish your goals through content.
  3. You’ll turn over the work to me: creating the content strategy, copy – or both – that you need.

Start by setting up a consultation call with me and get ready to feel supported in communicating strategically and effectively.

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