Is your nonprofit’s website copy working for your organization — and your audiences? Strong web copy can translate into:

  • More website traffic
  • Better engagement once visitors arrive
  • More people accessing your programs and services
  • More donors, volunteers, champions and other supporters
  • Greater IMPACT for your organization

How do you know if your web copy is strong?

Your nonprofit organization’s website copy needs to be:

Compelling: Does your content capture the interest of those seeking information about your cause or organization?

Engaging: How much time do visitors spend on your site? Do they stick around?

Credible: Have you carefully crafted your copy to position your organization as trustworthy, an expert or a leader?

Optimized for the web: Is your web copy structured and formatted specifically for online readers – and for indexing by search engines?

Effective: Does your content move visitors along the right path – the path toward taking action? Toward getting involved with your cause and your organization?

When should you invest in strong web copy? Now is the time if:

You’re building a new website or redesigning your existing site.

You haven’t updated or reviewed your web content in the last six months. OR the copy was pulled from other materials and never written for the web in the first place.

You’re expecting a significant increase in traffic to your site (perhaps because of a big meeting, conference, fundraising event, announcement, etc.) and you need your copy to work for you as effectively as possible.

You understand that your nonprofit’s website is your digital home base and you can’t afford to neglect it.

You are currently suffering from “web copy shame”: the thought of important stakeholders browsing through your site embarrasses you.

Core content web copy package – $7,500*

wavelet_tealbkgrd_purpleborder*Your details and needs could affect package prices. 

This package includes:

Web copy mini-strategy

Together, we’ll clarify what you want this content to achieve for your organization. Before I start writing, we’ll make a plan for five pages of content that specifies your:

  • Audience
  • Goal
  • Key message
  • Call to action

This mini-strategy will ensure that the content I create for you is aligned with and supports your organization’s priorities and brand. It’s also a valuable document that can be shared with other staff or volunteers who may help with writing web content in the future.

Copywriting: five key web pages

Once your mini-strategy is in place, I’ll start writing the five web pages that are most important to you right now. For example:

  • About
  • Services
  • Home
  • Contact
  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Media Centre

What pages are key to supporting your organization’s goals or communicating your brand? What pages are in greatest need of attention? What pages of content are people viewing right now that could be working better for you?

Here’s a glimpse of the process:

  1. Briefing call.
  2. Consultation with additional internal stakeholders, if necessary.
  3. Strategy development and refinement.
  4. Copywriting, review and any revisions required.

“Marlene’s process for planning website content has helped us really drill into the essence of our brand. She made us do the hard work of thinking deeply about who we are and who we serve.

Working with her to strategize before writing has made us better able to tell our story and generally speak more intelligently about what we do in our community.”

Michael Salem

Senior Manager, Communications and Creative Services, Oakville Community Foundation

Let me plan and write your core web copy for you.

Are you ready for strong web copy that works for your nonprofit? Then it’s time we connect! Request a consultation below and tell me about your website copy, what areas really need attention and when you need it. You might be just a few weeks away from the web copy you need.

Is your web copy in good shape right now, but you need other content creation help? Learn about my suite of consulting packages and services.

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