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Content studio for nonprofit organizations

Do you need to get a handle on your content creation?

If you struggle to stay on top of the marketing communications content you need to create, you’re not alone.

Do any of the following struggles sound familiar?

  • You can’t move important campaigns and projects ahead until you’ve clarified your organization’s key messages.
  • You’re preparing for a new website and don’t know where or how to begin with content.
  • You know you need to tell more stories but have neither the clear strategy nor the resources to develop them.
  • You don’t have the professional copywriting expertise you need in-house.
  • You need to tackle larger volumes of content than you can handle.

Your content conveys your message, your cause, and your organization’s brand, so it needs to be a priority. I work exclusively with nonprofit communications professionals – specializing in working with capacity-building and grant making organizations – who understand the value of quality content.

Meet Marlene

Marlene Oliveira

Marlene Oliveira

Communications advisor and copywriter

I’ve been working in the nonprofit sector since 1999 – first, in a very hands-on role that gave me a crash course on everything from fundraising, programs, and marketing communications, to event management, volunteer development, governance, and leadership. Next, I spent six years managing communications for the same national health charity; this was another multi-faceted role, including public relations, internal communications, behaviour change campaigns, corporate communications, and consumer health education.

In 2008, I launched my content studio, moflow. Through my business, I’ve been able to apply my passion for the nonprofit sector, my desire to make a difference, and my entrepreneurial drive to helping nonprofit organizations to work through their content creation challenges.

My approach

I work with clients who have deep experience and knowledge, which I tap into to help their communications “flow”.


An important first step in tackling any content project is to ensure that we are making plans together that support your organization’s strategic plans and goals.


As your partner in content creation, I greatly value your knowledge and insights. Many clients tell me that they value my briefings and consultations, because our time together helps them beyond our specific projects.


Since the day I launched my business, I’ve had a focus on helping clients to get important projects done. With my help, you’ll be able to tackle and deliver those daunting content projects.

What I do best 

I specialize in working with grant-making and capacity building organizations, with a focus on three key areas:


Website content


 Professional bio

Marlene Oliveira is a communications advisor and copywriter who helps nonprofit organizations to get a handle on their content. Working primarily with capacity building and grant-making organizations, Marlene specializes in content strategy and creation. She has worked in the nonprofit sector since 1999 – after six years as the national communications manager at a large Canadian health charity she launched her consultancy, moflow, in 2008 and has enjoyed working with a continuously growing and shifting group of nonprofits since then.

In 2013, Marlene also launched the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog, an online guide to nonprofit marketing communications, to help community members support each other with free resources, information and inspiration. Her approach is to work with clients and community members, tapping into the knowledge and wisdom they already possess, to help their communications “flow”.

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