Roundup for nonprofit communicators: my help with managing your blog

Aug 9, 2017

My help with managing your blog: roundup for nonprofit communicators

Earlier this summer, I shared a roundup of posts about how to tackle various nonprofit copywriting projects that I’ve previously featured on this blog.

Based on the positive response I received to the copywriting roundup, I decided to create a new roundup for you, this time on the topic of managing your nonprofit’s blog. Once again, the articles range from earlier this summer to a few years old, but if you need help with your role as “blog managing editor,” the advice still stands.

I always write about blogging based on my experience of running the Nonprofit MarCommunity – which translates well to running a nonprofit’s blog because:

  • It’s a blog without a dedicated budget.
  • All of the content is contributed by volunteer guest bloggers.
  • There is no dedicated staff member running this blog. It’s just something I do on the side of my consulting business.

I hope you find the help you need here. And if there’s a “managing your blog” topic you’d like me to tackle in the future, let me know in the comments.

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Here are seven of my posts to help you manage your blog (for nonprofits)

1. Can’t figure out what content your readers want?
How to come up with content ideas that your nonprofit’s audiences truly value

2. Considering building your editorial calendar around content themes?
Should you use content themes in your nonprofit’s editorial calendar?

3. Have you created editorial guidelines yet? You need them.
Nine steps to developing nonprofit blog editorial guidelines

4. Wondering how to recruit and work with guest contributors?
How to find writers for your blog

5. Are you trying to figure out which potential guest authors are a good fit?
Evaluating potential nonprofit blog contributors

6. Want to get the best results when assigning stories?
How to assign a writing task: stories and other editorial content

7. Not sure how to go about editing other people’s writing?
Managing blog contributors: nine tips for a smooth review and revision process

Bonus: here are a couple of blog management posts I’ve featured on other blogs:

On the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) blog:

On the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog

Guide to writing blog content

Finally, I know of many nonprofit communicators who are responsible for their nonprofit’s blog even though they are brand new to blogging. Sound familiar? If so, get up to speed with my eBook, The nonprofit communicator’s guide to writing and formatting blog content. It comes with a video version of the material that you can use to train others!

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