Writing stories? Here’s help with your email outreach [swipe copy]

Email swipe copy you can use in your story writing process

What’s your story writing process? What steps do you follow to collect the information you need to write a great story? If it’s similar to mine, your process might look something like this:

  1. Make a list of the people or organizations you will feature in your stories.
  2. Gather and review any available background information.
  3. Reach out via email to request interviews (I do these over the phone).
  4. Conduct the interviews (see my case study interview questions or profile interview questions)
  5. Get writing!

Writing stories is fun, but sometimes, the organizing and outreach steps can stand in the way of getting started. So, I’m going to help you with that!

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Email swipe copy you can use in your story writing process

Today I’m sharing swipe copy you can use in the emails you send as part of your story writing outreach. Never heard of swipe copy? It means that you have my permission to copy and customize the following content as you see fit.

Hello [name],

I’m writing today because you’re a valued [community member/contributor to/supporter of] our organization and we would like to share your[profile/case study/story] in our [newsletter/blog/annual report/other]. Would you be interested in participating?

If yes, I’ll be writing your story and would love to chat with you. Can we please set up a telephone interview? It will be a relaxed and (hopefully fun!) conversation and there’s nothing for you to prepare.

During the [x minutes] call, I’ll ask you a few easy-to-answer questions. I’ll use your answers to shape the story and will pull or shape some quotes directly from your words.

I’ll share the draft story with you before it is published. You’ll be able to correct any facts and let me know if you’re okay with the details I’ve included in the story.

Can we set up a time to talk? To get our scheduling started here’s my availability in the coming week or month.

[Insert list of day/time options]

Of course, if none of these times work for you I’ll figure out a few more options. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance!

[your name]

A couple of notes:

You might want to split this email into two parts, using the first note to ask for participation and using the second to share more details about what to expect.

I always circle back to the individuals I’ve interviewed for their approval and review of stories. I want to make sure each featured participant or organization has approved the stories before I submit them to my clients. But if that’s not the process at your organization, include a note in your email indicating the conversation will be “on the record” and that you might quote them verbatim.

Ready to get your story writing started?

If you want to write more stories, start now. First, create your list of potential people or organizations to feature. Then, start sending out your request emails using swipe copy I’ve given you above.

Do you need help with the actual writing part of telling your organization’s stories? This is one of the services I provide. Have a look at my story writing package and if you’re interested in working with me, get in touch.

Email swipe copy to use in your story writing outreach #NPMC #storytelling Click To Tweet

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