I’ve been consulting to nonprofits for 10 years! [announcing the return of my workshop for new/aspiring consultants]

Jan 9, 2018

Happy New Year!

Did you take significant time off during the holiday break? My return from a two-week vacation has me thinking about a similar break ten years ago – a long break that led to a big decision.

I loved my work as a nonprofit communications manager, but after many years, I was ready for something new. I had been planning my exit and the launch of my new consultancy for months. During evenings and weekends, I had been taking small steps, like coming up with my business name and model, registering my business license and setting up my business bank account. I had been speaking to my (very supportive) boss about my plans. But I hadn’t yet fully committed.

My two full weeks away gave me the distance I needed to realize that it was time. So on my first day of work in 2008, I gave my written notice. And by the end of January, I was officially self-employed.

10 years of supporting nonprofit communicators

I’m sharing this memory and anniversary with you today because it’s a significant milestone for me. It marks ten years of uninterrupted self-employment. In those ten years, I’ve never taken short-term employment contracts, part-time roles nor turned to any other source of income to pay the bills. My consulting business has continuously replaced my full-time job – and each year that any consultant is in business is significant as far as I’m concerned!

Do you want to start a profitable nonprofit consulting business?

Because I’ve been running my consultancy full-time for so long, I often receive questions about how to do it. Which is why I’ve decided to celebrate my ten year anniversary by bringing back a workshop that I piloted last summer: Start a profitable nonprofit consulting business. This three-part workshop series will focus on three key areas:

Day 1: Positioning your business
Outcome: Develop clarity about your brand and your services

Day 2: Finding the right clients
Outcome: Develop your marketing and new business development plan

Day 3: Running a lasting consultancy
Outcome: Create a business that lasts – and that you’ll enjoy

The workshop will take the form of video calls from 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET on these dates:

  • Friday, January 26
  • Friday, February 2
  • Friday, February 9

And there’s one more important date: I’m extending the 2017 price of $197 USD until the end of this week. On Friday (January 12, 2018), the price will increase to $247 USD.

If you want to secure your spot in this workshop for consultants to nonprofits, register here >> https://moflow.ca/spncb-2018-registration

Ten years ago, I took a big step in order to push myself: I quit my full-time job.

If you dream of launching your own consultancy, what will your big step be? Perhaps it’s something less drastic, like committing to this training – where I’ll share many hard-won lessons with you! 🙂

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