Website content strategy: article, webinar recording and PDF guide to get you started

Oct 31, 2017

I’ve spent a good part of October writing and presenting on the topic of creating a website content strategy. You may have read my blog post, attended the webinar I presented with Charity Village and downloaded the mini-guide I created. But just in case you missed any of these elements, I’m sharing them once again:

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1. The blog post

As a warm-up to my webinar with Charity Village, I published a post on their blog: Three productive ways to include internal stakeholders in planning your nonprofit’s new website. I want nonprofit communicators to stop asking your colleagues and internal players for subjective opinions. Instead, draw upon the meaningful insights and information that they can offer in these three ways – which I explain in the post:

  1. Ask for their help in understanding your website’s visitors.
  2. Involve them in conducting your website content audit.
  3. Get their help in understanding the questions your site needs to answer.

2. The webinar

On October 19, I presented a webinar for Charity Village: Creating a website content strategy for your nonprofit organization. During the webinar:

  • I provided an overview of the elements to include in your website content strategy
  • I explained why it’s important to start with content
  • I shared a few examples of nonprofits who have done this well
  • I touched on some of the steps involved in building such a strategy. 

If you’re interested in this topic and missed the webinar, here’s the recording:

3. The interview guide

If you’ve read the post and watched the recording, I hope you’re convinced and ready to have meaningful, one-on-one conversations as you prepare to build your new site. To help you conduct effective consultations with your colleagues about your new website’s objectives and audiences, I’ve created my Guide to conducting interviews with internal stakeholders. It’s filled with questions you can select from and ask during your interviews.


If you’re planning a new website in 2018 and you’re not sure where to start, I’ve laid it all out for you with these three resources. I hope you find them useful.

Need my help?

I’ve given you all the information you need to get started with your own website content strategy. But if you need help OR just want me to get this moving for you while you take care of the rest of your day-to-day work, check out my website content strategy package and then let’s talk!

Website content strategy for your nonprofit: 3 resources to get you started Click To Tweet

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