Planning a new website? Get content strategy development on your calendar.

A few weeks ago, I shared six elements to include in your nonprofit’s website content strategy with insights from web developer, Mike Mella. Then in a case study, I showed you how one nonprofit communicator, Markus Stadelmann-Elder, benefitted from kicking off his organization’s website development with content strategy.

Developing a new website can take months. If you want to launch a website this year, you need to book content strategy development time on your calendar now.

Scheduling your website content strategy development: how much time should you allocate?

How much time should you schedule for website content strategy development? The answer depends on your organization. But remember that you need time for:

  • Research and consultation with internal stakeholders: 1-3 weeks
  • Review of your communications plan, strategic plan, website content audit, website analytics and other available research/background documents: 1-2 weeks
  • Audience research and marketing persona development: 1-2 weeks
  • Drafting of proposed strategy: 2-3 weeks
  • Internal review, revisions, and refinement of your strategy: 1-2 weeks

These are ballpark time frames, and they depend in part upon:

  • The availability of research reports and other background documents (how long it will take to produce them or round them up)
  • Your access to necessary team members and how promptly they’ll respond to you/participate in the process
  • How this will fit in alongside your other projects and priorities (if you’re doing the work yourself)

You can do some of the activities concurrently, but I suggest that you give yourself at least six weeks, total. You might need up to eight weeks (or even more) to allow you to properly work through this process with time for analysis, development and of course, delays that might be outside of your control.

Are you unsure about your capacity to get this work done? I can help you; check out my website content strategy package for nonprofits. The time frame will be shorter because I’ll be taking the lead and you won’t be trying to tackle it on top of your other commitments.

But we still need to plan ahead and book the time on both your calendar and mine. So…

If you’ll be developing the website content strategy yourself:

Take action: Take 15-20 minutes to consider these steps and how much time you’ll need (be realistic). Then have a look at the rest of your year and make a commitment to content strategy by booking six weeks of development time (or more if you need it) on your calendar now.

If you need my help with developing the strategy:

Take action: Review my package details and if you’re interested, email me at to let me know. I can answer your questions, I’ll ask you some in return, and perhaps we can pencil in some dates.

What gets scheduled, gets done, right?

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