Articles about writing copy for nonprofits

If you’re responsible for nonprofit content, then you likely have a very wide range of copywriting projects that you need to tackle including media kits, newsletter and blog content, print marketing materials, website copy, annual reports, bios, profiles and one of my favourites…speeches.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little help with writing this content? Here are some of my articles on nonprofit copywriting.

The secret to writing better ‘Donate’ and ‘Volunteer’ pages

Writing better ‘donate’ and ‘volunteer’ pages for your organization’s website really comes down to one thing: planning. Here are the steps to take when planning content for these important pages.

Formatting a speech for smooth delivery: 12 steps

Once you’re completely happy with a speech, it’s time to format the document in a way that supports smooth and successful delivery. Here are twelve steps to formatting a speech for smooth delivery.

Writing donor and volunteer profiles: the interview

When it comes to writing an interesting profile – a real human-interest story – it’s all about the interview. Here are some of my favourite top-level questions for unearthing a good donor or volunteer story.

How to write a promotional poster for your nonprofit

A well-placed print item can be an effective way to promote your nonprofit’s program, service or event. Here’s how to write a promotional poster.

12 tips for writing a nonprofit website home page

It’s not easy to protect a clean and clear approach to home page copywriting, so here are 12 tips on writing a nonprofit website home page to help you.

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