Over the last few years, my website content strategy package has become my most popular service. So, why are so many nonprofit communicators seeking the help of an external website content strategist?

You might hesitate to take this approach because as a communications pro, you are capable of building a website content strategy. Furthermore, allocating part of your budget to bringing in an external supplier before the actual website build might be challenging to accept and sell internally. However, there is a case to be made for getting external website strategy help.

Five reasons to work with an external website content strategist

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1. You don’t have time to do the work on your own.

Often, my clients contact me after repeatedly pushing their new or redesigned website to the backburner, for months or even years.

Most nonprofit communicators have the expertise to develop a website content strategy but lack the dedicated time. It’s hard to create a strategy of any kind when running from meeting to meeting, urgent deliverable to urgent deliverable. Eventually, that postposed web project becomes increasingly urgent, and external help can get it rolling.

The case: Outsourcing allows you to get moving on your new website without diverting too much time from your other projects.

2. You’re not ready to talk technology or design.

Perhaps capacity issues have you seeking external help, but you’re not ready to talk with a web developer.

If you know that your organization needs a new website but haven’t articulated any specific needs, then you’re just not yet ready to talk tech or design. If all you have is a list of complaints about the old site and feature requests for the new one, you have more preparation to do. An external content strategist can be your guide.

The case: An external strategist can guide you through the steps of putting website content first – something designers want you to do!

Note: Do I build websites? No! Is it strange then that I develop website content strategies? Perhaps! But my specialty is content, and I know what it means on a practical level to put content first in the context of a website build or redesign.

3. You need strategic communications guidance.

Do you already work with a web professional, but need a level of strategic communications expertise they don’t offer? Someone who understands communications planning can help you connect your new website to your organization’s strategic plans and priorities. A content strategist will take your strategic and operating plans, brand strategies, communications plans, etc., and use them to inform your website decisions.

The case: A strategist can help you ensure your website is aligned with strategic priorities and goals.

4. You need help managing internal stakeholders.

Navigating your colleagues’ website wants and needs might be a considerable part of the project at your organization. Perhaps you’re dreading the pushback, competing priorities and disagreements. Or, maybe you’ve been attempting to plan or design your website by committee and have been going around in circles.

An impartial third party can explore your nonprofit’s website needs across departments, involving internal stakeholders in a collaborative, productive way.

The case: An impartial expert will wrangle glean essential insights from your colleagues for you!

5. You are too close to your existing website.

If you’ve had your current website for a long time, you might be ready for an external perspective. Perhaps you have negative feelings about the whole exercise or feel burdened by internal structures, history and politics. It can be hard to visualize and get excited about new possibilities if you are hung up on old problems and can’t see the forest for the trees.

The case: An external strategist will bring fresh eyes to your website’s challenges and opportunities, leveraging their experiences working with many other organizations.

Website content strategy: get it done, do it right

If you’ve been considering outsourcing website content strategy, I hope this helps. There are many good reasons to work with an external strategist!

And if you’d like to get an idea of what it’s like to work with me, check out these case studies about my website content strategy work with Maytree and the Ontario Nonprofit Network, as well as my website content strategy package details.

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