Seven deadly nonprofit copywriting sins: Artez webinar

Sep 12, 2013

Today I presented a webinar on nonprofit copywriting with Artez Interactive on Seven deadly nonprofit copywriting sins – and how not to commit them. I was totally thrilled to be invited to present and am especially pleased at the number of nonprofits in attendance – showing how important writing great nonprofit copy really is!

I promised to share a number of links and resources with participants, so here they are.

Tools mentioned during the presentation:


Next, the Seven deadly nonprofit copywriting sins audit checklist.



A summary of the creativity-boosting nonprofit copywriting tips I presented:



A quick one-question survey to help me help you with resources on writing content for nonprofit websites.


Fill out my online form.


And finally, my presentation slides!



I hope that all attendees enjoyed the presentation the recording of which I’ll link to here when it’s up!



Here's the webinar recording!

During the Q&A after the presentation, I also mentioned some copywriting resources. Here they are:

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