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Resources to help with nonprofit marketing communications

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I focus on helping nonprofits with content. And of course, content development is just a small part of delivering nonprofit marketing communications.

While my background is nonprofit marketing communications and I do have insights to offer on the subject, I’m also well connected to a community of amazing people willing to help one another.

Which is why I developed two free value-packed offerings to support your day-to-day nonprofit marketing communications activities:

Nonprofit MarCommunity 

Nonprofit MarCommunity blogThis blog is for the nonprofit marketing communications community, by the community. With frequent posts about everything from website design to branding, social media to email marketing and media relations to content marketing, the Nonprofit MarCommunity is your guide to communications for a cause.

“The Nonprofit MarCommunity blog has become my go-to resource to research marketing and communication ideas and best practices. Marlene ensures quality content for the blog on topics that are relevant to nonprofit communicators and sets them on a path to do their job well.”

-Linda Alberts, Public Relations Coordinator, National Alliance For Youth Sports

#NPMC Twitter chat

Offered under the Nonprofit MarCommunity umbrella, the #NPMC Twitter chat for nonprofit marketers and communicators is a monthly opportunity to gather with peers to learn from and help each other. The chat takes place on the last Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. ET.

“I look forward to the #NPMC chat every month. It’s a great way to connect with smart, like-minded professionals and learn something new. Marlene does a fabulous job of hosting and summarizing the chat, and I love how she encourages participation and networking!”

-Kelly Rembold, Marketing Specialist, Lark Enterprises, Inc

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