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The best nonprofit copywriters

Nonprofit marketing communications is a specialty and when nonprofits are looking for copywriting support, it’s important to work with professionals who specialize in nonprofit copywriting.

So, where do you find these pros? And what sets great nonprofit copywriters apart from the rest? Yes, copywriting is a skill that can be transferred across sectors, but a copywriter who specializes in nonprofit communications comes with a number of bonuses.

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Twitter chat resources and tools for facilitators

Lately, I’ve been doing more training about running a Twitter chat and having more conversations about my experiences with creating and facilitating #NPMC chat. These conversations always include a discussion of tools, so here are some of the the tools and resources that have been so important to me as a chat creator and facilitator.

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Every nonprofit communicator writes [book review]

Whether you like doing it or not, if you’re a nonprofit marketer or communicator, you write. In fact, today’s marcom pros might just write more than ever before. But we don’t all come to this line of work from a writing background, which means a little guidance and reference material can help. To that end, I have a book recommendation for you: Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley.

In her introduction, Handley explains that […]

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The completely redesigned

Have you noticed that looks totally different now? After months of planning, rebranding, rethinking, redesigning and rebuilding I’m so thrilled with my new and very much improved website.

I’ve been working with Mike Mella of Be Like Water, to tackle many, many changes and improvements. Here are the highlights:

New look

Earlier this year, I worked with Katherine Moffat to develop a new visual identity for moflow. The design of my new site incorporates this new identity, including an additional font, new colours and […]

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Matching yourself up with the right web developer

Finding the right person to create your online presence can be nerve-wracking – would you agree?

In the last year, I’ve found myself needing two websites built: and the site for my course, For a number of reasons, I used a different pro for each, neither one of which was my main ‘go-to’ web developer (who will soon be redesigning

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Building nonprofit communications capacity, Part 5: lessons learned

What happens when you bring together a room full of people who have a shared interest in and desire to build communications capacity for nonprofits? You get many, many good ideas.

Over the last few days, I’ve been blogging about a session I delivered last week for Maytree called Five Good Ideas About Building Nonprofit Communications Capacity. I walked away from the session with a huge bundle of papers absolutely filled with amazing insights and ideas from participants. In fact, there were far more insights offered during the session than we could possibly have shared back to the group within our time frame, so I committed to finding a way to bring them all together and share them. That sharing has taken the form of this blog series.

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