Are you looking for a couple of nonprofit communications “quick wins”?

I’ve been thinking about how satisfying a quick win or two would feel for you right now. And knowing that out-of-date web copy can feel like a burden or distraction, I realized that I have a simple way to offer help.

Back in 2015, I ran a 20-day web copy challenge for nonprofit communicators; it included daily email prompts to help improve a few critical pages of nonprofit website copy.

The challenge was fun, popular, and participants told me the prompts and tips were helpful (I often refer back to them myself). So when it was over, I published some of the content on my blog to make it permanently available.

Today, I’m sharing a roundup of those – and a few other – web copy posts from my blog archives.

Easy fixes for a few important pages of nonprofit web copy

If your nonprofit organization’s web copy is out of date and you don’t have time for a significant overhaul, try tweaking a couple of important, high-traffic pages. Select the page you know you need to tackle, review my prompts and guidance, and start making your improvements:

Bonus tip/ exercise you can apply to any page: make any web copy more reader-centred and engaging by ensuring that your copy passes the YOU ratio test.

If neglected pages of copy on your website have been bothering you, I hope my tips help you clear out the “to-do” clutter.

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