Working with a freelance copywriter

Articles about working with freelance copywriters

Are you working with a freelance copywriter for the first time, or simply considering it? 

Have you worked with a freelance copywriter in the past, but hope the next time will be a more successful endeavour? I’ve collected some of my best posts on working with a freelance writer to help you find the right consultant, manage them well and set yourself up for success.

11 reasons to outsource to a professional nonprofit copywriter

“Saving time” is just one way your nonprofit can benefit from outsourcing to a professional copywriter. I asked fellow professionals in the field to offer you 10 more reasons.

How to hire a freelance copywriter

Congratulations! You’ve secured the budget to hire a freelance writer! It isn’t complicated, but there is a process to follow to be efficient, choose the right supplier and start the project off right. Let me break down the process of hiring a freelance copywriter.

What to pay a professional copywriter

The range of fees charged by freelance writers can be downright baffling. In this article on pricing, I shed some light on what you can expect to pay a professional copywriter.

When to hire an editor versus a copywriter

Hold up! Is it really a copywriter you need, or would a professional editor be a better solution for you? The lines can be blurry at times; answer the questions in this article to decide whether you really need a copywriter or an editor

Hiring a freelance copywriter? Ask for a project fee

As a nonprofit communicator outsourcing work to external copywriters, there are many advantages to asking for quotes based on project fees. In this article, I offer three important reasons why you should get away from quotes based on hourly pricing.