Three-part online workshop: Summer 2017 

Start a profitable nonprofit consulting business

For nonprofit marketing communications professionals who want to make the switch to self-employment

* A maximum of 15 spots are available for this workshop series, so claim yours now! *

Friday, June 30th

1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT

Friday, July 14th

1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT

Friday, July 28th

1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT

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June 14, 2017

"Can I really only work with nonprofit organizations?"

"How do I get the word out to potential clients?"

"How do I set my rates? Will nonprofits be willing to pay professional fees?"

These are all questions I've received from new or aspiring consultants to nonprofits. And they motivated me to create this workshop series!

What to expect from this three-part workshop series

Over three video-based group calls, we'll explore the answers to your questions about consulting (see the day-by-day description below). I'll share insights and experiences from my nine years of consulting to nonprofits. And I will give you homework: the questions you need to ask yourself - and answer - in order to successfully provide marketing communications consulting services to nonprofits. 

Cost of workshop: $197 USD

If you've been thinking - or dreaming - about life as a self-employed consultant, get moving on it this summer. Claim your spot below!

-Marlene Oliveira, moflow and

photo of Marlene Oliveira

Day #1: June 30

Positioning your business

Outcome: Develop clarity about your brand and your services 

We'll talk about your brand, the services you'll offer and your approach to pricing.

Day #2: July 14

Finding the right clients

Outcome: Develop your marketing and new business development plan

We'll talk about your marketing toolkit and your approach to sales (yes, sales).

Day #3: July 28

Running a lasting consultancy

Outcome: Create a business that lasts - and that you’ll enjoy 

We'll talk about the important day-to-day aspects of successful self-employment, including mindset, productivity and boundaries.

Have questions? Check out these answers:

Do I need to attend live? Yes, you should. I'm going to be presenting this content in a group workshop style. While I will make an effort to record and share the sessions afterward, my focus will be on creating conversation, facilitating discussion and creating your own network of peers that will be part of your future success. Plus, this is your chance to "pick my brain" about my own nine years of consulting, through your live questions.

How long will each call be? Book 1.5 hours on your calendar for each call. We may wrap up a little early depending on how the conversation goes, but I want to leave pleny of room for questions and discussion. 

How much will this cost? The price is $197 USD. I charge in US dollars to keep things simple for my international subscribers and customers. Note: as a Canadian service provider, will have to add applicable sales tax to my fellow Canadians.

When will you be running this workshop again? I have no plans to offer this workshop again in 2017. This is a passion project for me - something fun to pilot during the quieter summer months. If it's popular enough, I may run it again in the future, but I'm not making any promises!

Is this just for marketing communications pros? I will be speaking from my experience as a marcom consultant (copywriter) with colleagues and collaborators in related fields such as design, website development, social media, etc. Many of the principles will apply to consulting in general, but I developed the content with marcom pros in mind. If you are in another field such as fundraising, technology or governance please keep my disclaimer in mind, but you are certainly welcome!