Markus Stadelmann-Elder on moflow

“In January 2014, we were fortunate to have Marlene present at one of Maytree’s Five Good Ideas sessions. Her workshop on how to build nonprofit communications capacity was a big success – with 125 people in the room and an additional 50 participants online (which made it one of the largest sessions ever). The room was buzzing and the overwhelmingly positive reviews from the participants prove how successful a session it was. But Marlene was more than just an accomplished presenter. Leading up to the workshop, she was incredibly responsive and actively participated in the planning of the session. She approached us with new ideas on how to structure the two-hour workshop and gave us some interesting tips on how to engage the audience (both the ones in the room and those participating in the webcast). Her engagement didn’t stop with the end of the presentation. In the following two weeks, she published five blog posts summarizing her presentation and adding more learnings and resources. So, yes, I would definitely recommend Marlene as a workshop presenter and speaker. She will leave you with ideas that can change the way you work (or see your work).”

Markus Stadelmann-Elder / Director of Communications / Maytree Foundation