The best nonprofit copywriters

The best nonprofit copywriters

What makes the best nonprofit copywriters…well, the best?

Nonprofit marketing communications is a specialty and when nonprofits are looking to outsource writing, it’s important to work with professionals who specialize in nonprofit copywriting.

In a previous post, I assembled a list of 11 reasons nonprofits should outsource to professional copywriters. So, where do you find these pros? And what sets great nonprofit copywriters apart from the rest?

Yes, copywriting is a skill that can be transferred across sectors, but a copywriter who specializes in nonprofit communications comes with a number of bonuses that will make your life easier.

Here’s what to look for in a nonprofit copywriter:

  • Extensive experience working with or within nonprofit organizations, which means an understanding of the nonprofit context, culture, goals, challenges and opportunities.
  • Focus on nonprofit clients (all or most clients), demonstrating a commitment to and passion for advancing communications within the sector.
  • Investment of time in learning about the sector and networking within it. Specialists keep on top of trends, changes, the players and nuances of nonprofit communications. They also have strong networks of complementary professionals (designers, web professionals, social media consultants, etc.), also specializing in the sector, to introduce you to if needed.
  • The ability to add value beyond the writing itself. This can take many forms including an approach that accounts for nonprofit organizational structures and silos, as well as the pace of decision making. Another example: many of the specialists I know have additional expertise (such as social media, PR or editing) that enhances their consulting work.

There are many amazing pros specializing in nonprofit copywriting, and I’m lucky to know a number of them.

Here are a few nonprofit copywriters I recommend based on our experiences  collaborating together:

Lauren Girardin: I first encountered Lauren when she was presenting on blogging and content marketing at the Nonprofit Technology Conference. She’s at the leading edge of all things digital and offers the side benefit of being simply hilarious.

Kerri Karvetski: When I think of Kerri, I think of effective email campaign writing. In addition to consulting work, Kerri shares her email campaign (and other) knowledge through frequent online training opportunities.

Amy Sept: Amy is a very savvy PR, marketing and social media pro and this knowledge is reflected in her approach to copywriting. She’s also an incredibly helpful, professional and pleasant person to work with!

And though I’ve not yet collaborated with the following nonprofit copywriters, I know enough about them to say they are worth checking out:

(The specialties I mention above are what I know these pros for – have a look to see what else they might do).

You may be wondering about veteran nonprofit copywriters like Tom Ahern and Jeff Brooks. I just haven’t had the opportunity to meet them yet!

What do you look for in a nonprofit copywriter?

So now, over to you. If you outsource, what do you look for in nonprofit copywriters? Who would you add to this list – and why? Please share in the comments!

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