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Articles about nonprofit blogging

Do you run a blog for your nonprofit organization? Would you like to learn more about nonprofit blogging, the role of managing editor, post formatting and coming up with content ideas?

Here are some of my articles on the subject:

How to come up with content ideas that your nonprofit’s audiences truly value

You want to write and create content that will attract your priority audiences and keep them coming back – don’t you? Here are my tips for coming up with content ideas that resonate with your readers.

Managing blog contributors: nine tips for a smooth review and revision process

The review and revisions process can be a tricky or delicate part of your role as blog managing editor. Here are my nine tips for managing blog review and revisions tactfully and effectively.

Evaluating potential nonprofit blog contributors

You can probably brainstorm a long list of potential guest authors and blog contributors. Once you have it, you’ll need to assess your list and make some realistic decisions. Here are the factors you should consider when evaluating potential nonprofit blog contributors.

Blog post formatting: eight point copy checklist

Do you know how to format a blog post? Good formatting helps with many things, from easier online reading, to search engine optimization and more. Here are eight blog post formatting points to verify before you hit “publish”.

Nine steps to developing nonprofit blog editorial guidelines

If your nonprofit has a blog, there is no questions, you need editorial guidelines. Here are nine steps to developing nonprofit blog editorial guidelines.