eBook: Beginner’s guide to writing and formatting blog content [December 14 only]

As we hit the last few weeks of 2016, is there something on your to-do list that you simply must get done? Something you need to complete to feel satisfied with your year?

Here’s mine: creating a writing and formatting guide for novice bloggers.

I work with enough nonprofit communicators through my consulting, training and work managing the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog, to know that even experienced pros can struggle with writing for online publication. They need help understanding how writing for a blog differs from writing for print.

I’ve delivered many workshops, webinars and blog posts on the subject. But something I wanted to do before this year came to a close was to pull my best advice on writing and formatting blog posts together into a PDF guide. I’ve really pushed myself over the last few weeks to get this guide done. And now, it’s ready for you if you need it!

I’m pleased to announce the 1st edition of…

The nonprofit communicators’ guide to writing and formatting blog content (for absolute beginners)

This guide is for you if you’re totally new to writing for a blog, and need to get up to speed quickly. Perhaps, like many nonprofit communicators, you have never written for a blog before, but find yourself responsible for starting one up for your organization.

In this short eBook, I share the common blogging mistakes I see frequently, along with exactly how you should be writing and formatting blog posts instead. The guide features sections on:

  • Writing in the right voice
  • How to write blog post introductions
  • Understanding appropriate copy length
  • How to format your copy for easy scanning
  • Writing your post titles and subheadings
  • Including the right links in your posts
  • Writing anchor text

…along with a list of tools and helpful resources to take your learning further. I’ve also included a handy bonus: my blog post formatting checklist

Available today only

I mentioned that I’ve had to push hard in the last few weeks to get this eBook done. And it is done, but I have plans to add a few extra bonuses and features. So, while I eventually plan to sell this eBook for $10, I’m offering a one-day promotional price of $5 USD.

I’m selling the eBook at this price today only – in fact, for just the next few hours. But if you get your copy now, you’ll have free access to future editions, along with any bonus content I add.

At 6:00 p.m. ET today, I’m closing access to the guide until I add in the rest of the bonus content – to which you’ll have access if you buy today. And when I open the cart up again (around February/March 2017), it will be at the regular price.

Get your copy of the eBook – and all future bonuses and editions

Here’s what will happen when you click the link to buy. You’ll be taken to an online checkout (you can pay by credit card or PayPal) and once your purchase is complete, you’ll be asked to register your account.

This registration gives you access to the home base with the eBook download. It’s also where I’ll be adding more bonuses over time (including a video and audio version of the training). And when I create updated editions of the guide, you’ll have access to those too.

Are you ready to understand the basics of blogging? Get your copy of the guide.

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