Courses and training

Nonprofit copywriting course and other training

If you want to create your own nonprofit content, but just need some guidance along the way, you might be interested in my course and other training I provide. Of course, I frequently share insights and tips on the blog, but I also offer a variety of other learning opportunities.

eBook: The nonprofit communicator’s guide to writing and formatting blog content

Are you new to blogging? Do you need help with writing and formatting content for a blog? The nonprofit communicator’s guide to writing and formatting blog content is for you if you’re totally new to writing for a blog, and need to get up to speed quickly.

When you buy the eBook, you’ll also get a suite of bonus training materials, including a blog post formatting checklist, a draft blog post for you to practice formatting and editing and a video version of the content for you to watch or use to train staff and volunteers.

***Note: my two online courses, Start a Better Nonprofit Blog and Write Better Nonprofit Websites are not currently open for individual sale/registration. If you’re interested in purchasing multiple memberships for your group or organization, please contact me.

Start a Better Nonprofit Blog online course


Do you need help starting a blog for your nonprofit organization – or restarting an existing blog? Start a Better Nonprofit Blog is a step-by-step system designed to guide you through the blog planning process. This video-based online course features six modules covering key principles and tips for starting a successful nonprofit blog on a strong foundation.

Participants who do the work can expect to complete the course with a practical plan for running a manageable nonprofit blog with a purpose, and a strong editorial calendar filled with enough topic ideas for the next six months.

Write Better Nonprofit Websites online course

Write Better Nonprofit Websites

If you struggle with writing content for your nonprofit website – whether a complete content overhaul or updates to certain pages or sections, then Write Better Nonprofit Websites will help. This course is a step-by-step system that allows you to skip over the ‘figuring it out’ stage and create the web content you need. Learn more about the Write Better Nonprofit Websites online course.

Webinars, speaking engagements, workshops and other training opportunities

I’m always looking for opportunities to offer copywriting, content creation and nonprofit communications guidance and help. Whenever I have something planned, I’ll post it here, so check back for upcoming training opportunities or subscribe to my updates to stay in the loop.