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Hiring a freelance copywriter? Ask for a project fee

Are you planning to outsource work to an external copywriter? When you’re researching rates as part of your selection process, I suggest you forget hourly or per-word pricing and ask for a project fee.

I always provide project fee-based packages and quotes to my potential clients. In part, this is because project fees benefit me as a consultant. However, as a nonprofit communicator working with outside writers, project fees will benefit you as well.

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When to hire an editor versus a copywriter

I’m often contacted by potential clients who think they need a copywriter, but who would actually benefit more from working with an editor. In order to get the right talent for your job, it’s important to understand which professional can deliver the best results for you. The lines can seem a bit blurry at times and in fact, there are many pros who offer both editing and writing services. But it’s important to clarify which skills you need for your project, no matter who you hire.

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How to hire a freelance copywriter

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As a busy nonprofit communicator, your to-do list is mountain-high and you can’t imagine finding the time to write the content you need. Is it time to bring in the help of a freelance copywriter? Have you done so before? Once you’ve secured the budget, hiring a writer should be a simple process, but to be efficient, choose the right supplier and start the project off right, it’s important to be prepared.

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What to pay a professional copywriter

Questions about the cost of copywriting services are among the first to arise when I speak with new clients. By nature, every copywriting assignment is custom work, so giving a detailed quote requires some level of briefing; even a ball-park price range is best delivered after I understand some of the top-level details. However, I’d like to attempt to shed some light on what you can expect to pay a professional copywriter, based on my own work.

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My perfect client

Over almost five years of consulting, I have been fortunate to work will all kinds of great clients. In fact, one of my clients is pretty much perfect and this post is about her. Why should you care? Because by doing everything right as a client, you will get the best possible outcome from your freelancer!

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