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Nonprofit website calls to action: ideas to use in your copy

This is a follow-up to my post about creating your detailed website content plan. In that post, I explained that your plan should include a call to action for each piece of content. Combined with the key message, it ensures your content has a purpose.

There are many ways your content can invite visitors to engage with your organization while on your site.

And, no I don’t mean asking visitors to donate on every page.

To help get you thinking about your calls to […]

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Website content strategy: article, webinar recording and PDF guide to get you started

I’ve spent a good part of October writing and presenting on the topic of creating a website content strategy. You may have read my blog post, attended the webinar I presented with Charity Village and downloaded the mini-guide I created. But just in case you missed any of these elements, I’m sharing them once again:

Website content strategy for your nonprofit: 3 resources to get you started Click To Tweet

1. The blog post

As a warm-up to my webinar with Charity Village, […]

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Website copy easy win: quickly improve your nonprofit’s Contact Us page content

If you know you need to update your website content and you’re looking for an easy win, let’s start with your Contact Us page content. Writing and improving your organization’s Contact Us page content is pretty straightforward, so it’s something you can complete quickly today. And in this post, I’ll guide you through the update by walking you through a few easy steps.

Note: this post is for those organizations that publish some version of a list of contact information. If […]

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What to choose and include: keyword optimization basics for non-techies

Because I write website content for clients, I occasionally come across some interesting SEO (search engine optimization)  – and specifically, keyword optimization – requests.

I don’t position myself as an SEO copywriter, but I write digital content for clients and run a multi-author blog. So I take it upon myself to understand some on-page SEO/keyword optimization basics. And I know just enough to realize just how little I know, so I stick to the most important elements and focus on creating […]

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Planning a new website? Get content strategy development on your calendar.

A few weeks ago, I shared six elements to include in your nonprofit’s website content strategy with insights from web developer, Mike Mella. Then in a case study, I showed you how one nonprofit communicator, Markus Stadelmann-Elder, benefitted from kicking off his organization’s website development with content strategy.

Developing a new website can take months. If you want to launch a website this year, you need to book content strategy development time on your calendar now.

Scheduling your website content strategy development: how […]

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Starting with content strategy to ensure successful website development [case study]

In my last post about website content strategy elements, I urged nonprofit communicators to put content at the beginning of new website development projects. In this case study, I shed light on how one nonprofit communicator, Markus Stadelmann-Elder did just that, with success.

Markus is the Director of Communications at Maytree: an organization doing work in the area of poverty reduction. In 2015, Maytree announced a new strategic direction, with a focus on taking a human rights approach to addressing the […]

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Developing a website content strategy for a new nonprofit site: elements to include

Are you planning a new website for your nonprofit? How do you make the right website content decisions? You start with a website content strategy.

As you plan your website, you need to make decisions about what content is most important, what you need to develop and what you can reuse or repurpose. To plan properly, you need to develop a website content strategy first or at the very earliest stages of your website development project.

But website content – like so many other types […]

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