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Bonus: Start a Better Nonprofit Blog workshop for beginner bloggers

Does your nonprofit have a blog in place? If not, are you feeling pressure to start one?

What if blogging is totally new to you? What if you’ve never even written a blog post before?

One year ago, I launched the Start a Better Nonprofit Blog online course to answer your top questions about starting a blog for your nonprofit and to provide a step-by-step system for creating your blogging plan.

But I’ve noticed that several course participants are completely new to blogging in […]

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Start a Better Nonprofit Blog online course registration is open!

After weeks of planning and development I’m pleased to announce…

Registration in my new online course, Start a Better Nonprofit Blog has officially opened.

I’ve built this course as a roadmap leading you toward two specific results. If you do the work, you’ll finish the course with:

A practical plan for running a manageable nonprofit blog with a purpose
A strong editorial calendar filled with enough topic ideas for the next six months


Start a Better Nonprofit Blog is a step-by-step […]

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Mini training series on nonprofit blogging starts October 7

I’m in the final days of preparing to launch my new online course about nonprofit blog planning, and I’m super excited to share it with you! I’m also grateful to everyone who shared your insights and questions about blogging in order to help me shape the course.

Sign up for my FREE 3-part email training series on nonprofit blogging

As the course launch gets closer, I’m going to be sharing a FREE three-part email mini-training on nonprofit blogging with moflow email update subscribers. The emails […]

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The best nonprofit copywriters

Nonprofit marketing communications is a specialty and when nonprofits are looking for copywriting support, it’s important to work with professionals who specialize in nonprofit copywriting.

So, where do you find these pros? And what sets great nonprofit copywriters apart from the rest? Yes, copywriting is a skill that can be transferred across sectors, but a copywriter who specializes in nonprofit communications comes with a number of bonuses.

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Twitter chat resources and tools for facilitators

Lately, I’ve been doing more training about running a Twitter chat and having more conversations about my experiences with creating and facilitating #NPMC chat. These conversations always include a discussion of tools, so here are some of the the tools and resources that have been so important to me as a chat creator and facilitator.

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