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50 minute work segments: my key to maximum productivity

What do I do when I really need to get things done? I get things done. How? Through 50 minute work segments.

I’m always entertained by the countless applications and ‘hacks’ geared to accomplishing more in a workday, because for me, it’s simple. If I need to write, then…I write. If I need to plan, then…I plan. If I need to figure something out…I figure it out. And the way I guarantee my own focus and productivity is by working without […]

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Are you giving yourself time to think when writing?

Have you ever noticed that the busier we get and the more that we are expected to deliver, time to think is getting sacrificed? It feels to me like we’re expected to just jump straight into every single task – whether answering an email or writing a speech – with a focus on completing it, versus completing it thoughtfully.

How are we supposed to create anything of value when faced with pressure – from others or from ourselves – to skip […]

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Building nonprofit communications capacity, Part 1: five good ideas

This week, I had the incredible honour of presenting for the Maytree Five Good Ideas event series, facilitating a session on building nonprofit communications capacity.

In keeping with the Five Good Ideas model, I started the session by presenting my ideas on building nonprofit communications capacity. Understanding that pressing needs for nonprofit communicators include skills development, time and resources – and that the latter two are simply part of the reality of working in the sector – I suggested five ideas for taking capacity building into our own hands.

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