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Roundup for nonprofit communicators: my help with managing your blog

Earlier this summer, I shared a roundup of posts from this blog about how to tackle various nonprofit copywriting projects.

Based on the response, it seems that you really liked having an archive of past articles pulled together for you like this. So I decided to create a new roundup for you, this time on the topic of managing your nonprofit’s blog. Once again, the article range from earlier this summer to a few years old, but if you need help with your role as “blog managing editor”, the advice still stands.

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Nonprofits: let’s put a final end to the pdf newsletter

Does your nonprofit still send your newsletter as a pdf attached to an email? If you ditched PDF newsletters long ago, this question might seem ridiculous, but some nonprofits are still sending pdf newsletters, and that’s a problem. Sending PDF newsletters, wastes resources, time and opportunities to improve and fine tune your electronic communications.

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Marketing persona templates: 10 options for nonprofit communicators

Are you in the habit of creating a marketing persona for your audience when planning a new communications initiative or nonprofit copywriting project? You should be. Every communicator should go through this exercise (also known as audience persona, buyer persona, customer profile, etc.) for big picture planning and specific tactic development.

Here are 10 marketing persona templates for you to choose from:

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Nine steps to developing nonprofit blog editorial guidelines

If your nonprofit has an existing blog, or you are in the process of establishing one, it’s very important to develop and publish blog editorial guidelines.

If you have more than one contributing author, editorial guidelines allow you to communicate and be clear about what content fits on your organization’s blog; the idea is not to be heavy handed with control but to set your blog up for success!

Your blog editorial guidelines will provide parameters for the type of content you […]

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Sixteen nonprofit blog post ideas

This article originally appeared on the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog.

Publishing a blog for your nonprofit requires the production of an ongoing stream of content for your readers. The volume of writing is often a considerable challenge, but if you are rich with post ideas, it’s much easier to keep going.

If your nonprofit has a blog and you struggle to come up with content, or you hesitate to start a blog for fear of this struggle, an excellent […]

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Nine questions to answer when creating editorial calendars

This article originally appeared on the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog.

You know that life as a newsletter or blog publisher is easier when you have a plan and an editorial calendar, so you’ve decided to create one. You know that this calendar will essentially line up what content you’re going to publish, and when. But what factors will guide you to making the right decisions? When you’re creating editorial calendars for your nonprofit organization’s blog or newsletter, ask yourself these questions:

What content […]

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