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Nobody wants to read your nonprofit’s content [book review]

Despite every social media post you’ve seen in the last few days, summer is not yet officially over. However, the “summer reading” part of it is for me. The good news: my summer reading left me with a book that I think might help nonprofit communicators!

I’ve heard from many nonprofit content writers who need help with getting inspired, creative and motivated. Does that sound like you? Then you might like Nobody Wants To Read Your Sh*t by Steven Pressfield as much as I […]

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Are you giving yourself time to think when writing?

Have you ever noticed that the busier we get and the more that we are expected to deliver, time to think is getting sacrificed? It feels to me like we’re expected to just jump straight into every single task – whether answering an email or writing a speech – with a focus on completing it, versus completing it thoughtfully.

How are we supposed to create anything of value when faced with pressure – from others or from ourselves – to skip […]

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