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Five reasons why designers and developers want you to put content first

Whether content is king, queen or some other player, I believe that developing it should be your first move.

Too often, nonprofits treat content as an afterthought. Problems are created when the need for content is only acknowledged and addressed after design – and in the case of web projects – development.

Here are five reasons designers believe content comes first…

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How to quickly draft basic messaging guidelines for your nonprofit

Does your nonprofit organization have messaging guidelines in place?

Messaging guidelines work hand in hand with your visual identity guidelines to form your organization’s Brand Standards. They should be based on your nonprofit’s clearly defined brand identity and brand personality and will help to ensure the consistency of all of your written communications – from newsletter articles to speeches and presentations to website copy.

You can pull together a very basic messaging guide – and start benefitting from the efficiency you create right away.

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Does your nonprofit’s copy pass the YOU ratio test?

Is the copy you write for your nonprofit organization truly reader-centered? You understand the importance of writing reader-centered copy, but are you doing it? There’s a quick way to test whether your copy puts readers first: count how often you’ve included the word you.

When you include the word you (and your) often, your writing will shift to a benefits-oriented style that tells readers what’s in it for them. It’s good practice and very important if you’re asking your readers to […]

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Boost the credibility of your nonprofit’s copy with belief builders

Your nonprofit copywriting communicates the importance of your mission and how your organization is making a difference. It showcases your work and asks readers to take a step to support you.

But why should your readers believe you? Are you leaving them to take your word for it, or are you including copy elements that prove your credibility? Include belief builders to demonstrate that your organization can be trusted, and that you are effectively providing solutions.

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Marketing persona templates: 10 options for nonprofit communicators

Are you in the habit of creating a marketing persona for your audience when planning a new communications initiative or nonprofit copywriting project? You should be. Every communicator should go through this exercise (also known as audience persona, buyer persona, customer profile, etc.) for big picture planning and specific tactic development.

Here are 10 marketing persona templates for you to choose from:

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How to develop a nonprofit annual report theme and structure

Getting ready to write your nonprofit’s annual report? Annual report writing is a meaty (and often, political) project, but it can be an opportunity to flex your creative muscle and create clarity where there was once clutter. Writing annual report copy is easier when you have a strong theme – with a complementary structure.

Here’s my step-by-step process for developing nonprofit annual report theme ideas
1. Review available background documents

Instead of asking around for updates, seek out sources of content that are already […]

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How to write a promotional poster for your nonprofit

Though many of our communications have gone digital, sometimes you just know that a well-placed print item can be an effective way to spread the word about your nonprofit’s program, service or event. So, if a poster (or flyer) really is a smart promotional vehicle to use, here’s a little help with writing one.

Think of posters and flyers, not just as pieces of paper onto which you can slap event details, but as print advertisements. Then, plan and write your copy accordingly by following these steps.

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