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Nonprofit website calls to action: ideas to use in your copy

This is a follow-up to my post about creating your detailed website content plan. In that post, I explained that your plan should include a call to action for each piece of content. Combined with the key message, it ensures your content has a purpose.

There are many ways your content can invite visitors to engage with your organization while on your site.

And, no I don’t mean asking visitors to donate on every page.

To help get you thinking about your calls to […]

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Writing stories? Here’s help with your email outreach [swipe copy]

What’s your story writing process? What steps do you follow to collect the information you need to write a great story? If it’s similar to mine, your process might look something like this:

Make a list of the people or organizations you will feature in your stories.
Gather and review any available background information.
Reach out via email to request interviews (I do these over the phone).
Conduct the interviews (see my case study interview questions or profile interview questions)
Get writing!

Writing stories is fun, […]

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Website copy easy win: quickly improve your nonprofit’s Contact Us page content

If you know you need to update your website content and you’re looking for an easy win, let’s start with your Contact Us page content. Writing and improving your organization’s Contact Us page content is pretty straightforward, so it’s something you can complete quickly today. And in this post, I’ll guide you through the update by walking you through a few easy steps.

Note: this post is for those organizations that publish some version of a list of contact information. If […]

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Roundup: my help with a dozen nonprofit copywriting projects

Are you thinking about updating a few bits and pieces of your nonprofit’s copy this summer? Planning to get a head start on some larger copywriting projects? Or will you be assigning some of this work to someone else?

To make your summer writing assignments a little easier, I’ve pulled together a quick roundup of my past posts, designed to help you with specific writing tasks.

The most recent post in this list (case studies) was published just over a month ago. […]

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How to assign a writing task: stories and other editorial content

Do you have someone lined up to help you write stories for your nonprofit organization? Great! Do you know how to assign a writing task properly? Let’s get you ready to brief your writer so you can get the best stories, as efficiently as possible.

Whether your writer is a member of your team, another employee, a volunteer or a freelance copywriter like me, you need to provide clear and detailed direction. Even the most experienced writers cannot create the stories you need […]

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Case study interview questions for nonprofit organizations

Do you write case studies for your nonprofit organization? Then you need a strong list of case study interview questions.

In my experience, an important step in writing a compelling case study is to conduct an interview. To help you conduct these interviews, I’m sharing my case study interview questions. You will need to customize and add to these questions based on the person and program you are featuring. But use them as a head start!

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How to write a nonprofit About page: 7-step copywriting formula

Do you know how to write a nonprofit About page?

I like to work with copywriting formulas, but it’s hard to find one for this purpose. So, inspired by a combination of existing formulas for writing website copy, and introducing a few ideas of my own, I have created a nonprofit About (or About Us) page formula for my clients – and for you!

About pages often attract high-quality traffic; people who are interested in your organization. So use your About page to draw […]

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