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Case study interview questions for nonprofit organizations

Do you write case studies for your nonprofit organization? Then you need a strong list of case study interview questions.

In my experience, an important step in writing a compelling case study is to conduct an interview. To help you conduct these interviews, I’m sharing my case study interview questions. You will need to customize and add to these questions based on the person and program you are featuring. But use them as a head start!

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How to write a nonprofit About page: 7-step copywriting formula

Do you know how to write a nonprofit About page?

I like to work with copywriting formulas, but it’s hard to find one for this purpose. So, inspired by a combination of existing formulas for writing website copy, and introducing a few ideas of my own, I have created a nonprofit About (or About Us) page formula for my clients – and for you!

About pages often attract high-quality traffic; people who are interested in your organization. So use your About page to draw […]

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Copywriting kick-start formula [including pdf worksheet]

The hardest part of a copywriting project can be getting started. Have you ever let yourself be defeated by the blank page? Allowed it to push you into distraction, procrastination or even panic?

I have a formula – a kick-start process – for getting past that annoying interval between an idea or assignment, and the flow of words into a document. When you follow these steps, you’ll get yourself ‘primed’ to write your next blog post, press release, speech – anything you need […]

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Five reasons why designers and developers want you to put content first

Whether content is king, queen or some other player, I believe that developing it should be your first move.

Too often, nonprofits treat content as an afterthought. Problems are created when the need for content is only acknowledged and addressed after design – and in the case of web projects – development.

Here are five reasons designers believe content comes first…

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How to quickly draft basic messaging guidelines for your nonprofit

Does your nonprofit organization have messaging guidelines in place?

Messaging guidelines work hand in hand with your visual identity guidelines to form your organization’s Brand Standards. They should be based on your nonprofit’s clearly defined brand identity and brand personality and will help to ensure the consistency of all of your written communications – from newsletter articles to speeches and presentations to website copy.

You can pull together a very basic messaging guide – and start benefitting from the efficiency you create right away.

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