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Evaluating your nonprofit’s content marketing mix

Earlier this month, I participated in WeDidIt’s Donor Acquisition Bootcamp, delivering a webinar on Choosing Your Nonprofit’s Content Marketing Mix. In addition to the live webinar, I was asked to offer an email “mini-lesson” with homework. In case you missed it, I’m sharing the lesson here, including the homework download. Scroll to the bottom for the webinar recording.

What is content marketing? What can it look like for a nonprofit organization? Are you already a content marketer?

Content marketing can be a confusing […]

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Apps for blogging on the go

In the last few months, I’ve been fielding many questions about blogging and content marketing. One of the questions I received recently is, “What are some timesavers for creating content from mobile devices?”

I work from a home office and like to do most of my writing at my desk. However, blogging requires much more than just writing. And there are a number of apps for blogging that can help with idea generation, content curation, blog post formatting, etc., that will save you time […]

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Marketing persona templates: 10 options for nonprofit communicators

Are you in the habit of creating a marketing persona for your audience when planning a new communications initiative or nonprofit copywriting project? You should be. Every communicator should go through this exercise (also known as audience persona, buyer persona, customer profile, etc.) for big picture planning and specific tactic development.

Here are 10 marketing persona templates for you to choose from:

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Blog post formatting: eight point copy checklist

When new bloggers come on board to contribute to the Nonprofit MarCommunity, the first thing I do is refer them to our editorial guidelines. This ensures contributors write useful and relevant content for our readers that fits with the focus of the blog. Each week, when I review the latest submission, once I know the draft content is in good shape overall, my next step is to ensure the content follows proper blog post formatting.

Good formatting helps with many things, from easier online reading, to search engine optimization and prevention or monitoring of content scraping. Here’s a checklist of eight blog post formatting considerations to look for before you hit ‘publish’.

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Nine steps to developing nonprofit blog editorial guidelines

If your nonprofit has an existing blog, or you are in the process of establishing one, it’s very important to develop and publish blog editorial guidelines.

If you have more than one contributing author, editorial guidelines allow you to communicate and be clear about what content fits on your organization’s blog; the idea is not to be heavy handed with control but to set your blog up for success!

Your blog editorial guidelines will provide parameters for the type of content you […]

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