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Writing stories? Here’s help with your email outreach [swipe copy]

What’s your story writing process? What steps do you follow to collect the information you need to write a great story? If it’s similar to mine, your process might look something like this:

Make a list of the people or organizations you will feature in your stories.
Gather and review any available background information.
Reach out via email to request interviews (I do these over the phone).
Conduct the interviews (see my case study interview questions or profile interview questions)
Get writing!

Writing stories is fun, […]

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Roundup for nonprofit communicators: my help with managing your blog

Earlier this summer, I shared a roundup of posts from this blog about how to tackle various nonprofit copywriting projects.

Based on the response, it seems that you really liked having an archive of past articles pulled together for you like this. So I decided to create a new roundup for you, this time on the topic of managing your nonprofit’s blog. Once again, the article range from earlier this summer to a few years old, but if you need help with your role as “blog managing editor”, the advice still stands.

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What to choose and include: keyword optimization basics for non-techies

Because I write website content for clients, I occasionally come across some interesting SEO (search engine optimization)  – and specifically, keyword optimization – requests.

I don’t position myself as an SEO copywriter, but I write digital content for clients and run a multi-author blog. So I take it upon myself to understand some on-page SEO/keyword optimization basics. And I know just enough to realize just how little I know, so I stick to the most important elements and focus on creating […]

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How to find writers for your blog

Last month I was featured as the special guest for a Content Marketing Institute #CMWorld chat – a huge honour for me. I was invited to share my tips on how to find blog writers and contributors, based on my experience running the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog over the last four years.

#CMWorld chat is not specifically for nonprofit bloggers, but many of my suggestions would work for you. So in this post, I recap a few of the chat questions and share […]

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eBook: Beginner’s guide to writing and formatting blog content [December 14 only]

As we hit the last few weeks of 2016, is there something on your to-do list that you simply must get done? Something you need to complete to feel satisfied with your year?

Here’s mine: creating a writing and formatting guide for novice bloggers.

I work with enough nonprofit communicators through my consulting, training and work managing the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog, to know that even experienced pros can struggle with writing for online publication. They need help understanding how writing for a […]

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Service spotlight: nonprofit blog planning package

Does your nonprofit organization have a blog? Would you like to start a blog?

Did you know that as many as 95% of blogs are abandoned?

It’s easy to set up a blog and publish the first couple of posts. But it’s much more difficult to maintain a blog over the long term.

What does it take to create a successful, sustainable nonprofit blog?

You want to set yourself up for long-term blogging success. You want to know that the significant time and resources […]

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Managing blog contributors: nine tips for a smooth review and revision process

There’s a certain aspect of managing blog contributors that can be a difficult or delicate matter: the review and revision process.

But review and revisions are part of protecting the consistency and professionalism of your blog and you need to carry them out with confidence. As managing editor, you are most plugged in to your editorial focus, your audience (and their needs and habits) and of course, your own vision for the blog.

Here are my nine tips for managing blog review and revisions tactfully and effectively

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Six reasons why your nonprofit should NOT have a blog

Can your nonprofit organization benefit from blogging? Yes, it can. There are many benefits of blogging , which have potential for virtually any nonprofit organization.

But this doesn’t automatically mean that now is the right time for your nonprofit to start a blog. The right time to start a blog depends on your context, your tech, your capacity and your priorities – as I explain in this post.

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