eBook: Beginner’s guide to writing and formatting blog content [December 14 only]

As we hit the last few weeks of 2016, is there something on your to-do list that you simply must get done? Something you need to complete to feel satisfied with your year?

Here’s mine: creating a writing and formatting guide for novice bloggers.

I work with enough nonprofit communicators through my consulting, training and work managing the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog, to know that even experienced pros can struggle with writing for online publication. They need help understanding how writing for a […]

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How to write a bio for your nonprofit’s About section

How to write a bio for your nonprofit’s About section

A bio can – and should – be more than just a presentation of credentials and accomplishments. Well-written bios can inspire readers and add a human element to your website’s About section.

Do you need help showcasing your nonprofit’s amazing people? I’ve pulled together a step-by-step process to give your bio writing a little boost.

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Bonus: Start a Better Nonprofit Blog workshop for beginner bloggers

Start a Better Nonprofit Blog online course registration is open!

Does your nonprofit have a blog in place? If not, are you feeling pressure to start one?

What if blogging is totally new to you? What if you’ve never even written a blog post before?

One year ago, I launched the Start a Better Nonprofit Blog online course to answer your top questions about starting a blog for your nonprofit and to provide a step-by-step system for creating your blogging plan.

But I’ve noticed that several course participants are completely new to blogging in […]

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Online communities for marketing and communications in nonprofit organizations

Online communities for marketing and communications in nonprofit organizations

How supported do you feel in your work? Are you the lone communicator at your organization? Are you connected to a group of people doing marketing and communications in nonprofit organizations?

If you don’t already have a peer group in place (and even if you do) I want to make sure you know about a few online networking opportunities.

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Nobody wants to read your nonprofit’s content [book review]

Nobody wants to read your nonprofit's content [book review]

Despite every social media post you’ve seen in the last few days, summer is not yet officially over. However, the “summer reading” part of it is for me. The good news: my summer reading left me with a book that I think might help nonprofit communicators!

I’ve heard from many nonprofit content writers who need help with getting inspired, creative and motivated. Does that sound like you? Then you might like Nobody Wants To Read Your Sh*t by Steven Pressfield as much as I […]

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Copywriting kick-start formula [including pdf worksheet]

The hardest part of a copywriting project can be getting started. Have you ever let yourself be defeated by the blank page? Allowed it to push you into distraction, procrastination or even panic?

I have a formula – a kick-start process – for getting past that annoying interval between an idea or assignment, and the flow of words into a document. When you follow these steps, you’ll get yourself ‘primed’ to write your next blog post, press release, speech – anything you need […]

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Five reasons why designers and developers want you to put content first

Content comes first: three designers explain why

Whether content is king, queen or some other player, I believe that developing it should be your first move.

Too often, nonprofits treat content as an afterthought. Problems are created when the need for content is only acknowledged and addressed after design – and in the case of web projects – development.

Here are five reasons designers believe content comes first…

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