About moflow: nonprofit copywriting and communications consulting

Hello! I’m Marlene Oliveira.

I help nonprofit communicators who want to produce better content.

You have amazing stories to tell and important messages to deliver – I’m here to help make the content creation part of your job easier if:

  • You need to get clear about your organization’s messages.
  • You need to tell more stories.
  • You don’t have the professional copywriting expertise you need in-house.
  • You need to tackle larger volumes of content than you can handle.

Your content conveys your message, your cause, and your organization’s brand, so it needs to be a priority. My work is all about helping you to get your best content flowing!

How I came to this work

I’ve been working in the nonprofit sector since 1999. First, I spent two years running the regional office of a nation-wide charity where my role included everything from fundraising, programs, and marketing communications, to event management, volunteer development and public speaking.

Those challenging and rewarding years ignited a passion for the nonprofit sector, a desire to make a difference and my entrepreneurial drive. 

I next moved into communications. I spent six years managing national communications for the same organization. Once again, this was a tremendous on-the-job (a bit of back-to-school) learning opportunity, since I was responsible for branding, campaigns, health communications, internal communications and developing marketing communications for internal clients.

By 2008, I was ready to test my entrepreneurial skills, and I launched my consultancy, moflow.

How I work with nonprofit communicators

I’m passionate about creating better nonprofit content because:

  • The right content is key to your success.
  • Frankly, content doesn’t get enough support and attention!

I support communicators through my nonprofit copywriting and communications consulting, training and blogs (moflow and Nonprofit MarCommunity).

I apply my expertise and skills in my work with clients. But my approach is to tap into the knowledge and wisdom you already possess, to help your communications “flow.”

Why I only work with nonprofit organizations

I’m very loyal to this sector in which I’ve been working my whole career. It’s where I started, it’s who I am, it’s where my friends are, and it’s home.

I enjoy writing and developing content for a range of nonprofit organizations (see my client list) because I love the people, from whom I learn so much. Honestly, I believe that working in this field gives me daily opportunities to be a better, more informed person. It’s win-win for me!

And I like to think it’s a win for my clients as well – here’s what two of my clients have said:

“Marlene’s professionalism, collaborative nature, inquisitiveness and creative style allowed her to work seamlessly as an extension of our communications team on an important project during a very busy time. She is an absolute joy to work with!”

~Marnie A. Grona, Director, Marketing & Communications, Imagine Canada

“A gem! That’s the easiest way to describe working with Marlene. The process is seamless, and she has utmost concern for quality, character and business acumen, that translates into stunning stories.”

~Sarah McPherson, Director, Communications & Development, Oakville Community Foundation

Would you like to work with me?

Are you ready to get my help with nonprofit copywriting or content planning? Then check out my suite of services and approach to pricing.

Are we a match? Then let’s connect. Email me at contact@moflow, tell me about the project you’d like my help with, and I’ll be in touch right away to discuss details and answer your questions.

Professional bio

Headshot: Marlene Oliveira: nonprofit copywriting and communications consultant

Marlene Oliveira is a copywriter, communications consultant, trainer and blogger at moflow, specializing in helping nonprofits to produce better content. She has worked in the nonprofit sector since 1999 and before launching her own consultancy in 2008, worked for six years as the national communications manager at a large Canadian health charity.

In 2013, Marlene also launched the Nonprofit MarCommunity, an online guide to nonprofit marketing communications, to support the community with free resources, information and inspiration. Marlene sees herself as a facilitator: of conversations, of connections and of sharing information. Her approach is to work with clients and community members, tapping into the knowledge and wisdom they already possess, to help the communications ‘flow’.