Here’s what moflow is all about

Hello! I’m Marlene Oliveira and my business, moflow, is all about me helping you to get your best nonprofit content flowing! Everything I do at moflow is designed to make life easier for nonprofit communicators.

Here’s how I help you to create better nonprofit content

I’m here to help you:

  • Get inspired

  • Be more productive, and

  • Unlock your creativity

    …through the moflow blog and email updates…

  • Connect with and learn from your peers

    …via the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog and #NPMC chat…

  • Tap into the expertise, knowledge and ideas you already possess, and

  • Walk you through the copywriting process

    …through my online course and other training.

And I can also…

  • Plan or write your copy for you

    …if you hire me as a consultant.

I’m passionate about creating better nonprofit content because I believe nonprofit communicators have the power to change the world!

You work for amazing causes. You have amazing stories to tell and messages to deliver. I believe that so much can be accomplished when you – nonprofit communicators – are supported in your day-to-day work.

I’m way too committed to nonprofit communications (my story).

When I was 23 years old, my first real job with a capital ‘J’ was running the regional office of a nation-wide charity. After a first day of meetings, on day two, my boss handed me the keys…and…left! I was set free (empowered? abandoned?) to figure it all out myself. 

The only employee in that office, I rolled up my sleeves, figured things out as I went along, and worked the hardest I had ever worked for the next two years. It was a true crash course in the realities of working for a nonprofit. I learned so many things by doing: fundraising, program design and delivery, marketing communications, event management, office administration and accounting, volunteer development and working with a board… with plenty of data entry, dishes and public speaking thrown in. 

The funny thing is, when I tell this story to folks in nonprofit, it’s not met with shock and surprise, it’s a common storyline! I REALLY understand your ‘many hats’!

Those challenging and rewarding years ignited a passion for the nonprofit sector, a desire to make a difference and my entrepreneurial drive

From there, I spent six years managing national communications for the same organization; once again, a tremendous on-the-job learning opportunity. In 2008, the entrepreneur inside of me couldn’t be ignored and I launched moflow to offer copywriting and consulting services to a range of nonprofits.

Over the years, I’ve had friends ask why I’d choose to focus on consulting within the nonprofit sector. The answer: I just love it. I’ve been delivering nonprofit content since 1999. This sector is who I am, it’s where my friends are and it’s home.

Always room for more flow

But I’m not one to settle into a rut. I’m always looking for new business opportunities and new ways to support the sector. In 2013, I wanted to address the lack of community or hub for nonprofit marketers and communicators, so I launched the Nonprofit Marcommunity blog and #NPMC Twitter chat

One year later, I realized that too many nonprofits can’t afford to outsource copywriting, so I created my first online course.

And now? Well, I’m full of ideas about how to help nonprofits create better content. So make sure you stay in touch for tips and to find out what’s next!

Professional bio


Marlene Oliveira is a copywriter, communications consultant, trainer and blogger at moflow, specializing in helping nonprofits to produce better content. She has worked in the nonprofit sector since 1999 and before launching her own consultancy in 2008, worked for six years as the national communications manager at a large Canadian health charity.

In 2013, Marlene also launched the Nonprofit MarCommunity, an online guide to nonprofit marketing communications, to support the community with free resources, information and inspiration. Marlene sees herself as a facilitator: of conversations, of connections and of sharing information. Her approach is to work with clients and community members, tapping into the knowledge and wisdom they already possess, to help the communications ‘flow’.